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How do you help a friends animals?

I have a friend, sort of. We've drifted apart a lot. The thing is I o by her house sometimes and see the animals just suffering. The three cats, all females, have kittens and are fed a minimal amount of dog food because the owner feels that cat food is too expensive. They are nursing, too.

The dog is fed dog food. Iams or Purina or some other poor quality food. She is about a year old and will be used for breeding once she is two years old. The dog stays outside, though, so any dog who wants can access her. The baby goat is tied to a cat house it can barely fit inside and will also be used for breeding once she is old enough.I want to help these animals, but I don't know how.

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    ok i think you should call animal abuse or tell these people that you can help her with these animals or you should just tell the people that they are taking bad care of these animals and you're going to call animal abuse on them if you see them taking bad care of their animals again i know this can be hard seeing this happen and very hard to tell these people on how you think but you should tell them its for the animals and think about how bad their suffering and if you cant find a number on animal abuse you can look on google and enter your state country and what your looking for i really hope this helps

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