How do musical cards work and would it be possible to build one?

If it is possible, how much would it cost? Or could I just reprogram an existing musical card?


I have full access to protoboards and soldering irons, if it helps

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The easiest way is to purchase the little music discs that can be glued inside the card. These are a little bigger than the ones the commercial cards use, but the music is nicer, and they last longer.

    You can purchase them at Michael's crafts, and most craft sections, such as Wal Mart.

    You can also purchase blank musical greeting cards and add your own enhancements.

  • 1 decade ago

    They are actually quite high-tech. These are storage, record facilities and playback facilities all on one tiny microchip. There is a bit of flash memory and all of the logic necessary to play the music or message on some triggering signal. I've had cards that you could program your own message, and that ability to record too would be included on the one microchip.

    Of course, you could build a sound recorder with a playback facility, using flash memory, but it would be quite a complicated design, and a complicated process to build. And it would end up being much MUCH larger than the tiny chip in the card design. Finding one that is recordable is BY FAR the best solution.

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