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I've lost my faith how can i get it back?

recently i have lost my faith, i want to believe again but i feel that as i have got older i have stopped believing, can any one help me?

and also, if some one grows up with out ever hearing about God, like in a tribe in the Amazon, when they die what happens, because surely its unfair to send them to hell because they never heard about Jesus christ or God

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    yay i am sooo happy for you. ur one of me now!! atheist. trust me...its way better then believing in someone who sends ppl to a burning pit of fire..makes little girls get raped....makes childrends parents commit suicide...and loved to watch ppl get shot.

    trust me..u dont wanna believe in a sick and twisted dead guy. i mean really? dont u guys see it?? i mean come on.. its a fairy tale

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    The Bible say that we are all without excuse for knowing God, because He created the earth and that is evidence of Himself. (God will consider what each person knew of Him based on their conditions.)The earth is very beautiful and complex, like nature, the animals, the plants, the undersea world, outer space, the microscopic world. The laws of physics and mathematics show that there is order in creation. The human body and mind are so complex that only God knows how it all works. Faith in God is a gift from God. If you are seeking God, you can pray for the faith to believe in Him, even if you don't have faith now. Just speak out and ask God for what you need. Ask for the faith to believe in Him. You can pray through Jesus Christ, by saying "in Jesus' name, amen." at the end of the prayer. Prayer works best by praying with a Christian, so you could call a Christian church and ask them to have someone pray there with you. As for keeping your faith, you need to read the Bible daily and go to church to keep your faith aflame.

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    Yup! Coming to the thought that Christianity and positively all religions are man made fiction is a slap interior the face! it somewhat is a coarse awakening, yet welcome to the actual international. this does not advise so you might permit pass of the help that a church supplies. be at liberty to permit pass of the BS, yet to be certain church homes as places the place they are able that can assist you you. variety of like a water station at a marathon. do no longer think of two times of the doctrine of why somebody is handing you a cup of water, in simple terms settle for it, drink it, splash it on your self for refreshment and discard the cup and keep working!! you have been exceeded a crap hand interior the cardboard interest of existence. yet go searching. Your no longer the only one. Many have been dealt worse. do in simple terms the ultimate you are able to with the hand you have been dealt. stay for those you like. combat for the time which you do have. i think of you recognize that doing stupid issues won't convey you plenty happiness so don't fret pleasing those threats on your guy or woman sturdy wellbeing. yet now which you recognize that element is short, do no longer waste it. Make a bucket record of the failings you desire to do and get to artwork!! My ideas and correctly needs pass out to you. keep battling! Congratulations on your wakened status! all people is everywhere whom will desire that can assist you you combat on! in simple terms open your eyes!! stay lengthy and Prosper!! (Sounds corny, yet is meant clearly!)

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    My question to you is, why would you want it back? To fit in? That's really the only one I can think of. Many religions do seem to operate like a club, an exclusive place where everyone believes exactly the same way and if you don't then you aren't allowed in the tree house. Well,their stuff is not so great that you should have to give up your freedom of choice, right to free thinking, and the desire to not be lied to. That's why I stopped going to church. Seemed to me that all they wanted to do was tell me how I should think, act, speak, and believe, all of which I have serious issues with. As a matter of fact I got into an argument with some people in a church class I tried to attend back when I was still unsure of my beliefs like you are now. They said that it was just as evil to steal a loaf of bread as it was to kill someone. I asked, well, what if that person was stealing the loaf of bread to feed their children? Is it any more right to allow someone else's children to starve than to kill someone? Because that's is what you are doing. Well, as you can imagine they got very angry with me. One of them said, I own a grocery store, so I can relate to this issue directly. I said, oh nice. Well I used to live on the streets, so so can I. How many of you have ever been homeless? Lived on the streets? Had to eat out of a garbage can just to survive? Slept in a culvert and used a garbage bag as a blanket? And or course non of them had. I told them it was easy to have such narrow beliefs when they had never been on the other side of the fence before. Its always so easy to judge a situation from that kind of view isn't it? Then they decided that throwing the bible at me was the end of the discussion. I stood up and said I knew this was a bad idea, but I thank you all for convincing me of what I truly believe and it is nothing like any of you people. Then I walked out. Never been back and never been happier about it. To me faith in a church, in jesus or even in god is nothing more than a barrier that separates you from free thinking and true knowledge. Their only desire is to control you, you have to see that. A bet you a lot of people are going to answer your question by telling you what you have to do or what you should do. Many will quote biblical texts at an attempt at proving their point. To me that's the same as telling someone that chocolate is everyone's favorite ice cream flavor because you read that George Clooney said it in the National Inquirer.

    Wow, and I was right! There sure are some block heads on here! So sad.

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    i know its not easy to keep your faith when we live in a world were there is so much to disprove the bible, such as the theory of evolution instead of the adam and eve story, and the world being 4.6 billion years old and not 6000 (evidence from rocks...) even i sometimes doubt, but we have to remember that the devil is the great deceiver and he will do anything just to turn you away from christ and we have to try and move all of satan's wicked lies out of our so it doesn't effect our relation ship with christ. just think, did you ever feel happy when you prayed? or worshiped god? how can that happiness come from someone who doesn't even exist? and finally there are so many fulfilled prophecies in the bible the 9/11 attack being one of them.

    ''when the towers fall; not the batteries and fortifications raised in the Assyrian camp, at the siege of Jerusalem, which fell when they were destroyed by the angel; or the great men and princes in that army, which then fell; though towers sometimes signify great persons, such as princes; see Isa_2:15 and so the Targum interprets it here; and may be true of the antichristian princes; for of the fall of the great city of Rome, and of other cities of the nations, with the towers thereof, is this to be understood, even of mystical, and not of literal Babylon; see Rev_11:13.''

    i hope this helps you regain faith :)

    as for the second question, what would be the point in spreading the word of christ when we are at risk of turning them from saved (not hearing the word of christ) to unsaved (if they reject the word of christ) but the bible also speaks that there should be justice, how can there be justice if were sent tohell for not knowing the truth because we cant blame anyone for that, so i really don't about that one

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    Faith needs to be maintained daily like a plant that needs water and sunlight to grow. The Bible and prayer are our daily spiritual bread and water. You can always ask God, like the father of the demoniac child. "help me with my unbelief." God never turns down a sincere prayer like that. :)

    As to the Amazon tribes and other such ppl groups, I've actually heard of angels coming to witness the truth about Jesus to them because no Christian would be able to enter. God desires to use us first and foremost in evangelism; but sometimes it's not readily possible.

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    Rom 1: 20 "For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse"

    Knowing God is open to all since His attributes were clearly revealed in His creation. Read More about Jesus (especially from John 11 to end) to increase the faith.

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    pray and try serving God, and being really nice and doing His will.

    The second question we do not know, because God did not give us all of the terms of His judgement. We do know that he is perfectly just and sent his son for everyone, so he wouldn't just send people to hell for something out of their control. Nevertheless we know that the easiest and most reliable way is baptism by water, so that is why so many missionaries were will to risk their lives to spread the word of God across the world including the Amazon.

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    1. Charmed lost and found spell - guaranteed to find even your long lost socks lol

    2. Faith is not a must-have. You won't die in torment if you don't believe in something.

    Also, by asking the latter question I say you do have faith in Christian teachings. My viewpoint is that nothing happens to them they progress on like the rest of us. No heaven or hell.

    But there is also the good question: what if our "afterlife" varies according to the beliefs we had when alive?

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    Read Hebrews chapter 11. There are many missionarys going to all parts of the world to teach of Christ`s salvation plan. Everybody will have a chance to hear the truth.

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    Islam answers all of those questions. Jesus Christ is a mere prophet of God and not God himself. There is only ONE God and he is ONE!!! not a trinity that the pagan Christians made up. He is the one God of the Universe and only he has the power to forgive sins by saying " you are forgiven" He doesn't need to put on a theatrical show by dying on the cross for your sins like the pagan Christians believe. See how Islam is a back to the basics religion? Muslims follow the religion of Abraham.

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