Growing plants by the windowsill?

I'm growing some tomatoes by the windowsill but I kinda have a roommate whose young son visits sometimes so I wanna keep it closed. Long story short, will the tomatoes grow fine if I place it on the inside windowsill and close the windows? The lights still hitting them just hitting them after crossing the window.

Outside -> Window glass -> plant

Is this setup bueno?

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    Oh, yes. Light filtered through window glass (as long as the glass is decently clean, so it isn't blocking all the light!) is perfectly good for plants. The vast majority of the light they need is in the visible spectrum, so if the glass is clear (not tinted red or blue), they're getting plenty of light. I'm currently growing a bunch of orchids inside my windowsill: the window doesn't open, so all they ever get is light through glass, and they're thriving. Your plants will be fine.

    A note, though: if you were planning to have them produce tomatoes, you'll have to pollinate them yourself. (Inside, their natural pollinators can't get at them.) Just take a small paintbrush and dab some pollen around from flower to flower and plant to plant.

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