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What is the solution for srilankan Tamils who were denied social justice by srilankan government?

i think they should not look towards foreign countries to solve their problems. they should strengthen the hands of progressive powers in srilanka like JVP an ultra left and nationalist party. instead of demanding for division of country tamils should start a dialogue with srilankan parties and solve their problems.

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    More active intervention in their defense internationally as well as Seato and the UN. International pressure on Sri Lanka to stop its abuse of the Tamils.Despite propaganda to the contrary not all Tamils are part of the Liberation Tigers, movement.

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    Sounds good to me.

    I have a few questions about the Tamils among these 76.


    "I have 76 open questions (links included here). What about you?";_ylt=Aj...

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    There is so much more to it. There has to be Dialogue before that answer can be given.

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