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Why do the liberals demand more and more and more federal spending?

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    So how do we contrast this against G.W., who oversaw the largest increase in the history of the federal government? I got it, spending to improve public infrastructure, clean up contamination that industry can't, and stabilizing our entire economy is exactly the same as running up the debt to subsidize the wealthy reaping the benefits of a stable and prosperous nation without paying for it? Is that right?

    Or maybe it is just the idea that we are all part of "the Commons" and that where the private sector fails, the Commons pick up the ball and keep us moving forward.

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    This from someone supporting the party that grew the government by 40%. More than anytime since the great depression.

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    Source(s): The Change We Got: Bush's Big Spending, Now on Steroids Mar 27, 2009 ... George Bush was not a small-government conservative. He grew government, and the role of government, immeasurably. ... - 45k - Similar pages
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    Perpetual Electability.

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    Which part of the LAST 8 YEARS under Bush

    did you miss

    ha hah ah ha hahahahhahaha

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    Hey, I thought the tea parties were protesting spending by both parties? Now you're slipping up and admitting they were held just because you hate Democrats and Obama? Stick to the story next time!

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    Personally, I don't. There's some spending I'd like to see cut, and other spending I'd like to see raised.

    On the other hand, I don't support tax cuts that are unmatched by spending cuts.

    And I didn't support the unfunded "prescription drug benefit" that Bush and the republicans passed in an attempt to buy the votes of retirees.

    It's really too bad you spending hawks were silent during Bush's reign of error. Your bad judgment during those eight years makes your current judgments rather irrelevant.


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    Because that's how you get out of an economic emergency. That's what FDR did, and it worked. That's what Clinton did, and it worked. That's what Obama's doing, and it's begun to work.

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    Because they are for big government! They have an entitlement mentality.

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    Liberals favor radical "change".

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