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Im going to Israel NEED HELP!?

I'll be going on May 28th and i was just wondering like what do i need to take with me and what is acceptable over there im a little scared but i just want to make sure i do everything right can anyone tell me what to expect and what to do please? Oh and also what kind of food is normal over there also....sorry its the first time out of the country

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    Don't be scared and do not worry, you will have a great time.Israel is a very safe country, the best security in the world, people re warm and friendly.Israel is a first world country and very westernized, just be yourself and you will be fine.You can find every type of food, lots of middle eastern food, Italian, American fast food Chinese and many more.People often plan vacations poorly. This is all the more true of Israel. There are many significant mistakes to be made. Avoid them by preparing well.

    Get a pocket-sized notebook to record all the information you will be gathering before you go. Without one place to record phone numbers and other info, you will have nothing but a pocketful of scrap papers. Use that same notebook to jot down everything you spend, starting before you leave. Otherwise, you will have no idea where the money went.Put each expenditure in a column. Your columns will be food, taxis, tours, gifts, and miscellaneous. Knowing what you have spent enables you to make decisions. How much more can you spend on presents? On tours? On food? Without tracking, you’ll be in a fog. You could even be pick-pocketed and not realize it.

    Bring a knapsack or a small, wheeled piece as one of your carry-on pieces, and take it wherever you go. You will be carrying guidebooks, water bottles, food, sweaters gifts you buy, etc. It is easier to put everything in one place than to juggle a bunch of plastic bags.

    Have your cell phone unblocked and buy an Israeli sim card,Incoming calls are free, but try and avoid using it for outgoing calls; they will cost you close to 10 times more than a “telecart.” These are cards you can use at any public phone, which you can buy at the post office in Israel. (No need to wait in line; there are vending machines.) To call the States, use an international calling card at pay phones. You can get one here before you leave or buy one in Israel. Buy a good tour book and read, read, and read before you go. If you have never been to Israel, the tour books may be a little difficult to follow. (What is an Old City? A New City?

    With regards to packing Israel is a modern, developed country, and you can purchase virtually anything you need during your stay, including clothing, cosmetics, and hygiene products.

    If you are visiting Israel during the summer (end of May is the start of Summer)you will need lightweight clothing - short-sleeved and sleeveless shirts, shorts, sandals, beach shoes and a bathing suit. It’s also a good idea to pack a sweater or jacket, since nights in the mountains and the desert can be cool.

    It’s a good idea to bring a small bag for day trips. If you are traveling to Eilat or the Dead Sea, it’s a good idea to bring a bathing suit, since it is warm enough to swim there even in the winter.

    Sunscreen, a sun hat, and sunglasses are essential items throughout the year.

    If you are planning on hiking, you will need good shoes and a lot of water, either in a canteen or in several bottles. You will need a sleeping bag, tent, and camping equipment only if you are planning on sleeping outdoors. Most youth hostels supply sheets and blankets.and of course all hotels do as well.

    You will need a still (digital) camera and a video camera. The smaller the video camera the better.When you get to Israel, change a large amount of money right away. Doing it in dribs and drabs means you’ll always be looking for a moneychanger. Change a certain amount of that Israeli money into one-shekel coins and keep them in one pocket. You will need endless shekels for collectors at the Kosel, where it seems like every other person is collecting money. This might sound like a trivial point but it certainly is not. Being able to give efficiently will make you a happier camper. Also, get a coin holder, because you have to go through a metal detector to get to the Wall, and will have to empty your pockets on each entry.

    You need water. If you are going to buy water, get the large size bottles and refill into easier-to-carry small bottles. Also, buying small bottles all the time will cost you over five times as much.

    Walk as much as possible. You will see Israel better and will get great (and much needed?) exercise. When you’ve had enough walking, grab a cab. Your time is limited, so waiting for buses is not efficient.

    Buy at least three maps: one of the country, Jerusalem, and the Old City. You can buy these at any tourist store.

    And finally, do not get robbed. You do not want to lose your passport, return ticket, or money. Always beware of pickpockets!

    Anyway, hope you enjoy your stay and have lots of fun

    Hopefully, your trip will do a great job to recharge your spiritual batteries. You will not be disappointed.

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    First off, you will need to go to your high school and find out from them which high schools that there are in Israel that they do recommend. May I suggest that you do consult with your counseling adviser to see what he/she has to offer so that you wont lose any of your valuable credits. Good luck and please tell me what the counseling adviser told you.

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    "what do i need to take with me"

    A bathsuite.

    "and what is acceptable over there"

    practically all that is acceptable in any European country or USA.Do not enter the Sinagogue eating a chopped pork-and you will be fine.

    "Oh and also what kind of food is normal over there "

    There are all kinds of food in Israel,from Russian to Japanese.I assure you will not die of hunger.

    P.S.If you happen to be at some bazaar in some Israeli town,try a thing called "humus".It´s delicious.

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    I've been out of the country a lot.

    Be your self and don't let anyone scare you or you will miss the nice ones all around.

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    That's my graduation day.

    Guess we both will be excited on that day.

    Have fun. (:

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