What is a good title for the book I am writing?

The book is about a virus that is getting spread through fast food meat. It is making everyone sick and turning them into the undead. (I haven't decided on whether or not they try to eat you or if they just beat the hell out of you until you're dead) The government is going to quarantine off every city in each state within a 24-hour time span.

The group of people I'm writing about is from a town (my town, actually) in Kansas, called Salina. It is about halfway into Kansas, and the nearest military base (which is "safety") is Fort Riley, home of the Big Red One. However, Fort Riley is next to two big towns, so the question is, do they travel to Fort Riley, or go west and go to Fort Collins in Colorado?

The group I'm writing about features five people: Lydia Kellogg, Adam Cosine, Mikhail Garamond, Leon Barthow, and Dawn Tucker.

You have the jist of the plot, I just can't think of any title for it! Help!!!!

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    And all I wanted was a burger ((Might be too lighthearted))

    Fast Food of Death

    Death and Fast Food

    The Fast Food Zombies



    Escape from the undead

    No Escape

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    The Flesh Eaters Chronical (meaning the beef in the food, not the zombies)

    Filet of Death

    Do You want Death with that?

    Super Dies Me

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    The Virus

    24 Hours

    No Death, No Life

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    1 decade ago

    sounds like ; cell by stephen king and the big brother film thing, where theres zombies

    if you want it to be more original dont make the characters eat you or kill you, make them do something weird, like just dont do anything maybe, they just take over or just hang around? perhaps?

    dont take my advice the wrong way, i hate it when you get snobby people who say; this is very similar to... etc etc.

    i think its a good idea and ive neevr read one started by what people eat, just try and add more originality to the plot and 'monsters'

    hope this helps

    and stpry names errrrrr, just write random thinsg that come to your head and mess around, something that will make people want to read it :)

    good luck x

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