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Do you think the type of questions a person asks is indicative of ones mental or spiritual state of mind?

I'm just wondering, because recently, someone answered one of my questions with the following:

"Well there's a place for you. It's called Dorothy *****. It's a mental hospital. I know your questions are completely false and made up but the fact that you make up such ridiculous questions is indicative of a mental problem.


Have read some of your past questions"

Is it possible to diagnose someones mental state or spiritual well-being simply through a couple of questions here and there?

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    No worries TFT, you're perfectly fine.

    The purple leprechaun that sits on my monitor just told me so.

    He also says, "There's herring at the end of me rainbow, and a flying horse named Steve!"

  • rich k
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    "Diagnose" is the wrong term, "form an opinion of" would be more accurate, and yes, it is possible to form an opinion based on anything, even total fabrications, if one so chooses, people do it all the time. Whether those opinions were in any way related to the facts insofar as the could be determined and demonstrated would be a separate issue, and such a determination and demonstration could not be done with no resources beyond what's available on this forum.

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    If you believe that there is a reason that a person asked a question and also believe that the person's state of mind or IQ plays a part in how they word that question, then mathematical logic dictates that some indication of the person him or her self is shown through the question. Or, a + b = b + a

    On Yahoo it's hard to tell since "kids" like to just mess around on the computer while others simply like to bash a God that they don't believe in for some reason. Why is that btw atheists?

    Anyway, there are some psychological tests that do involve word association and such. However, I doubt that a clinical psychiatrist was the one who answered your question based on his own criteria. lol

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    Questions are often a personal statement in disguise.

    Based on that, yes, I think a persons questions (particularly if there are enough to show a pattern of thought) can be indicative of one's mental/spiritual state or at the very least can expose one's personal philosophies.

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  • Anonymous
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    Absolutely, if one is astute enough.

    Clearly, the dingbat who posted that response to you doesn't know WHAT THE HELL they're talking about!

    Now, I am significantly more astute at diagnosing mental health than this other character is, and I can tell you that there is NOTHING wrong with you! Plus, I've probably read MORE of your past questions than this person has (I find myself having to go back and change the terminology I use to refer to this individual, because it would likely get me reported if I left in the original wording I use to refer to him/her/it). I've even read your posts in accounts which no longer exist! I've read your questions which have been deleted.

    Here's my diagnosis. You are intelligent and you know it. And you're funny. And you have very little patience for idiots. I am much the same way. We would hate each other if we met in person, or we would fall in love. Not sure which. Probably the hate thing. There. You've been diagnosed. There is no cure for your intelligence, aside from inflicting a traumatic brain injury to yourself. Please don't do that, though, or I'd miss you here. There is no cure for your sense of humor, either. You're stuck with it. Or rather, people who don't get it are stuck with it. You should just enjoy.

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    It's really only possible to diagnose one's mental state if one has a Ph. D. in psychiatry. Judging by the super-technical language here, I'm guessing that this particular person does not hold a Ph. D. in psychiatry.

  • Angie
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    Now wouldn't that be a useful tool? We could solve some of life's great mysteries; the answers lie in Y!A. All those years I spent all that money on therapy....what a waste. I could have been diagnosed here for free!

    I think you have a sense of humor. That's all I really need to know.

  • Pi
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    Oh hush--you're ruining the "good" parts of R&S!

    Let's pretend that we come here actually seeking well informed answers to questions and not to examine mental pathologies!

    Let's further pretend that we actually care about how others think.

    Can you grab me some more popcorn as you go by the concession stand?

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    Why are you so horribly misguided and allow yourselves to be controlled by a fale religion? @ I'm Full Of Chocolate, I don't know anyone who "cowers behind a sofa" when the JWs call.

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    I don't think so but I do believe wearing a blue dress with gold sequins is a better indicator of one's state of mind.

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