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is florida or germany a better place to live?

Hi I am from Louisiana and moved to Germany because the economy just wasn't working for us. My husband has been in america all his life but is a german citizen so i guess u can say he was on an alien resident card. well we moved to germany and are now living in a home with a his grandparents its like an apartment type home. we each have a living room kitchen etc.. they pay all our bills and my husband is working so now is the time we can save. well im not happy here. i was so used to have celebrations with my family such as easter and 4th of july etc.. i was a homebody never left louisiana- this is a big change for me not only do we not have any more privacy because they keep coming upstairs even tho we repeatedly ask them not too but its just completely different. we are young 23 and 25 with a 2 year old son. he is learning german as i am... i just fell like something is telling me to move to florida where there's freedom (florida is where my husbands mom is and she was the best with my son and always a helper) plus i have a pit bull in the states that is like a child to me and pits are banned here in germany and then we could be together. i don't know what to do. please help with anything. i know germany doesn't have much bad weather and they have hardly no poisonous animals and its a perfect place for a family but why do i feel stuck can anyone give met here input maybe a military family who been through this or anything.Also my problem was my husband bought a standard car here and ic ant drive that so i feel like i cant go anywhere without him like i used and not be rushed and i miss walmart and american food. and remember we have no access to the base. so im stuck here with a big change please help....


thank you for your answers. i want to make the best of it here i really do but i am used to my own place i have been on my own since 2004 5 years and now i have to live with other people. old people....... i kne we were coming to be with them but i didnt think in the same house for this long. thanks for ur answers again...

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    Try to make the best of your current situation, which does have good financial aspects from the sounds of it. Instead of dwelling on what you miss, focus on the new things which you have the opportunity to experience. Some of the concerns, such as the car and dog, are solvable. Seek out some familiar activities and supportive people to make things less lonely and isolated. If possible, have friends or relatives visit, and take a trip back home when finances allow.

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    Honey you are both young, and you both need to compromise. Now you knew what you were doing before you went to Germany, just remember a marriage is compromises and also think about your son, and whats best for him. If you want come back home. What's the point in having money and being miserable. good luck hun

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