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World of Warcraft - Guild Ettitique?

What is your most important guild ettitique and why?

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    I think the answer given by Sweetie was right on! But as a guild master myself, I also find it very uncool when lower level players ask for an instance run, I schedule one, so I can run 3 or 4 folks at one time, and then they don't even show up to make the run! Talk about disrespectful of others time! Arrgghh....!! That's an immediate boot from the guild in my book!

    Source(s): Level 80 Human Death Knight
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    Dont be gready about the guild vault. I dont know how many times I have seen someone go in and just take a whole slew of things out of the guild vault . One thing I think is ask a guild leader if you need something out of the guild vault. Also, some guild leaders let ppl use guild money to pay for repairs-I would make sure of what the policy is for using the guild bank and guild money for repairs and if you do use them be sure to be donating money and or items(no gray items) to the guild.

    If you get help with quests and or dungeons, be sure to return the favor. Also when in groups, and for the better items be sure to need only when you need the item and the rest of the time greed or pass on it.

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    im in more of a social (all 80) pvp guild with no rules.

    everyone is pretty mature for the most part and we just like to have fun.

    HOWEVER, if someone decides to join the guild and ninja the bank, we get a bit upset.

    we would have been happy to give them whatever they need if they just ask politely.

    Source(s): level 80 blood elf hunter.
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    in the guild i am in its sink or swim, they refuse to help the lower lvl ppl out. if you are below 70 they dont want anything to do with you...i guess i would say just be nice in general and done whine or beg for help. Ask if they dont wanna then find a group that will. I just wish i was in a guild that helped eachother...

    Source(s): lvl 74 blood elf warlock
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    Well, I absolutely hate when you help people, especially lower levels and then they're not even that grateful for it. Especially when you freaking run them through a dungeon where you get ZERO xp and at the end they just wave and hearth out of there. "Oh, gotta go. Bye." No "thank you". So I think it's very important to be kind to fellow guild members and ALWAYS thank them when they help you.

    Source(s): Lvl 56 Human Priestess
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    I don't run anyone in my guild unless they've been in the guild for at least 2 weeks. Sick of leechers.

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    probably dont take stuff from the GB without asking.

    I put some really good weapons and gear in my GB and some level 10 warrior took it even though it was mostly mage stuff then he put it in the AH and got about 100g.

    i kicked him of course

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    The one thing I cannot stand and have never/will never do is to beg. No big deal to help people, but when they beg for money, ports, etc. it's just kinda sad.

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    dont be a dbag

    pretty much summarizes everything

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    dont be rude i say

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