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How Do I Know That A PTC Website Is Scam When I Make Money?

The amount of PTC scams is critical, how do I find only paying websites?

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    While I don't think that this is a good online business model (at all), as these types of websites are notorious for being scams, one of the best ways to find out if a website/program is legit or not is to look it up via search engines.

    If you're thinking about joining a company called "ClickMoney", and the website is, search google for these things:

    clickmoney review

    clickmoney scam

    123clickmoney review review

    123clickmoney scam scam

    Now, some companies go to the trouble of creating fake reviews, or affiliates will write fake reviews in order to get you to sign up under then (so that they can reach their minimum payout)... so you have to be able to determine a real review from a fake review. Also, be sure to replace the 'ClickMoney' and '' with the program/website that you are considering.

    You can also search for the name of the company, or the URL of the company ( as per my example) on these consumer-complaint websites:

    All of this said, I suggest that you take a look into other ways of making money online -- there's just too much risk in the PTC market. While you probably don't have any financial risk, you can waste an exorbitant amount of time on something, only to find out that they don't pay.

    Somewhat along the lines of PTC is Amazon's mechanical turk:

    It's free, and it's offered by -- not some individual who won't end up paying you.

    If you're looking for a way to make better money, albeit with a bit more work, you might want to try your hand at blogging. I have a free newsletter that will show you how to get started blogging, and how to make money with it. This is free info, but if you do some looking around, real people make real money blogging -- you'll be hard pressed to find a member of a PTC website living a lavish lifestyle because they are making fat loot for clicking on ads / links.

    Here's the link to the make money blogging newsletter, if you're interested:

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