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Can you lose more weight by swimming then going to the gym?

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    You will lose more weight doing whatever it is that most motivates you.

    It is important that exercise is enjoyable for you. It shouldn't be a chore. The gym allows you more flexibilty, but if you prefer to swim that is fine.

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    No; swimming is better for you, a LOT better. The reason is simply because swimming requires you to keep whole body moving to prevent drowning (and then some!), therefore toning your whole body - particularly legs and shoulders/upper arms. Naturally, it'll help you lose weight - but, yes, you will eventually develop muscle. Gym activities - like, say, running - are of course good for you and will help you to lose weight when intertwined with a good diet, but they will only tone certain parts of your body. I've heard that the two sports that will kick you into shape the best are swimming and trampolining, so taking those two activities up would be a good idea if you want to get fit/lose weight (or do both at the same time, maybe?). And, yes, I think you'll be fine and dandy with the gym-twice pool-twice regime. I highly doubt it'll make any difference if you do the two activities in a different order. Good luck with losing that weight!

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    It depends on your swimming endurance vs the gym endurance you have. You will probably get a better body from working out at the gym because you will have the use of so much equipment so it will work out various parts of the body. Whereas swimming is just one exercise and there isn't much too it so it can become quite boring after a while.

    I don't think there is much difference in it though it is purely choice :)

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    It depends really on how long you do it.

    Swimming does burn more calories though quicker because your using your hole body. And it works everything! Great work out.

    But, if you can combine the two, maybe do some weights, break a sweat. Then cool off in the pool and swim around and possibly swim some laps? Woof! (:

    That's a lot of calories being burned.

    Just stay hydrated and eat good foods too.

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    It depends what you do at the gym? You lose weight doing cardio exercise do swimming is good. So are aerobics, running and cycling.

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    Depending on how much time & how many lengths u put into it. Personaly i'd say swimming is the best idea even if its a few pounds difference it's enjoyable, it works all ur muscles & burns fat. The faster the better.. & u come out feeling nice & refreshed!

    I'd love to jump in the pool if i had the guts to wear a costume.

    Definitly swimming :) Google it!xxxx

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    It depends what you do at the gym. If you go to the gym and do cardio (like the treadmill, cycling etc.) you will lose more at the gym, though swimming should be used alongside gym as it is also a cardiovascular exercise.

    Losing weight is all about exercise, whereas gaining it is all about nutrition. In theory you can lose weight whilst still consuming 5000 calories per day, the olympic gold medalist swimmer Michael Phelps consumes upto 7000 calories per day (which is nearly 3 times the guideline daily allowance). If you look at Michael Phelps he hasn't got an ounce of fat on him, in fact you might say he is a bit skinny.

    People will try and tell you that there is this new diet or new product that strips fat off you in weeks. The fact is very few are even worth looking at, because they are just there to make money out of you. Of course diet pills and a healthy diet can help but the ONLY way to lose weight efficiently is proper exercise.

    Also complex carbohydrates should not be consumed after 5pm (bread, pasta, rice) and protein should be consumed throughout the day and evening. One of the above posts mentioned green tea and he is correct, green tea is becoming more and more popular and it is proven to be effective. The most controversial way is by eating lots of chewing gum, although this can cause laxative effects (which in turn loses even more weight) it also has ingredients that speed up the metabolism.

    Source(s): ex footballer and diet / fitness enthusiast
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    Brightly coloured turmeric not just makes your curries taste fab, nevertheless it contains curcumin, an active ingredient that breaks down high-protein dishes, burns fat and holds back the growth associated with new fat tissue.

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    the answer is yes..swimming will really help to tone you up every where and is a lot more fun than a boring sweaty gym.

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    I'd go to the gym and do 20 mins of weights first and then 20 mins of cardio work or swimming. I have a personal trainer and she has told me that if you do weights first then you'll burn more fat!

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