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Would you support a policy like this in all professional sports?

While watching professional sports, I notice several teams have almost identical uniforms. In baseball, seven franchises don red and blue. I have a hard time discerning the Indians from the Twins when they play. The same apples to the Cubs sparring against the Dodgers, and the Phillies battling the Nationals. In the NFL the Patriots, Texans, Bills and Giants have few uniform variations. The same applies to the NBA between the Pistons and Clippers. There should be a new policy through all professional sports leagues requiring each franchises to attire separate dual colors. Here is a list of all colors I suggest. I'm placing a number by each so you can add them all together.

black - 0

brown - 1

burgundy - 2

red - 3

orange - 4

yellow - 5

lime - 6

green - 7

teal - 8

blue - 9

purple - 10

silver - 11

gold - 12

If you do the math, that's 78 potential uniforms to distinguish each team from one another. That way they can avoid confusion from the fans, and nobody could go wrong. It might be prudent if each league voted on which teams got to select certain dual colors. If no teams from any league can have the same nickname, then I have no objections against a guideline like this. Would you support this policy?


I forgot to add cyan aka powder blue = 13

That's now 91 possible uniform color combinations.

Update 2:

Actually I am good at math. Adding all those numbers together gives you 91. And if there were more choices, that would be even better. At least it could help teams be more original and creative.

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    I think this idea has merit, the concern is when a club is connected to a color or colors.....Cardinal red, 49er gold, etc. maybe starting with historical or seniority they could adopt your idea. I'd like to see more solid color uniforms. A blue team vs a yellow team for example. It's fun to see your thinking goes all over the

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    This wasn't a good idea the when you posted the same question in another section.

    Teams have every right to choose their colors and logos. Having colors forced upon them by the league is not right.

    Furthermore, it doesn't matter if teams have the same colors as long as the two teams can be differentiated on the field of play. Teams have a dark colored jersey and a light colored jersey and they do just fine differentiating themselves.

    The Cubs and Dodgers have the same colors, yes, but the uniform designs are different. Big differences in uniforms isn't really necessary in baseball anyway,

    And it's absolutely ridiculous on your part to assume that even the average sports fan can not tell who their team is at a game or on the tube just because two teams might have similar team colors. Fans know what their teams' jerseys look like, and even if they didn't about 10 seconds on watching is more than enough time to figure it out.

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    It's an idea, but it will never happen for a variety of reasons. It's expensive to change uniforms, especially to entirely change the colors. Furthermore, it wouldn't be logical to make teams like the Red Sox change their colors, for obvious reasons.

    the color spectrum goes far beyond the 14 colors you've listed, as demonstrated by the difference in the blue on Yankee pinstripes compared to the blue on Mets pinstripes. If you have trouble as a fan in the stands telling one team from another, you might need to go see an optician.

    Besides, all teams have home and away uniforms for specifically this reason; so that when teams with similar colors play one another they can't both wear the same color uniforms. Also, it is 91 combinations; I have no idea what the corrections on your math were supposed to be counting.

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    Well since this is the basketball section...I'll base my comments on basketball...Its a good idea. However...NBA teams won't buy into it for a couple of reasons...

    Colors are based on team name and mascot.

    Geographical regions

    The colors you have selected may not particular blend with these two factors...for example. The Timberwolves have selected colors that are symbolic with their territoral and black. Most teams use some form of a black uniform. And all teams must use the color white. And even the color black will go up for discussion during the next collective barganing agreement.

    Plus with the addition of black to the equations the home team can wear white...and the road as always wear black or the other darker color. The two colors are make the home and road easily noticable to fans. No need to confuse NBA fans with thought of infusing more colors to uniforms.

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    You're thinking is quite elaborate. But I think its more trouble than its worth. Especially since every city will be fighting to retain their initial colors.

    A better solution would be to let the home team wear their colors, and the visiting team to wear a uniform with their colors inverted. ie white uniform with red would be red uniform with white. no confusion during the game!

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    no it can be very traumatic when a team changes colors both to the psych and to the wallet. I am still recovering from the Eagle's change from Kelly green to midnight green. I hate disagreeing with anyone named Phillies but a spectrum is easy graduated in numbers far exceeding 13

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    You are obviously not very good at math, nor is your eyesight very good. Clips and Pistons don't remotely come close. And in baseball it doesn't really matter the colors because they play separate in a way. And in football and basketball they have home and away jerseys for this reason.

    So to answer your question no.

    PS 13 colors gives you 156 combinations (assuming you can only pick 2 colors).

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    It wouldn't bother me too much. But the teams DO have road uniforms.

  • No. It would just cause trouble.

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