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Help! my cat is very sick! I dont have money for a vet, seriously! what can i do?

My cat got lost for about 2 months and we found her today. she has lost a lot of weight and she is not eating or drinking very much. today while i was bathing her she peed all over herself and the urine was VERY dark. I truley cannot afford a vet visit. But i dont want my kitty to die what can i do?


Please dont think i dont care for my cat. Ive owned her for 8 years since she was born and ive always taken very good care of her. this did not happen because i was careless. I trusted my father to look after her while i was away and she split thinking i must have abandoned her. i love this cat like it was my child. but im 20 years old and living alone. i cant afford hundreds of dollars in vet bills. to those of you who gave me real answers i appreciate it. but if all your going to do is criticize dont bother.

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    Take her to the vet immediately, they will work with you on the payment...they are there because they love animals and they won't let the cat suffer. They can make a recommendation for low cost care also.

  • Here is a list of organizations that can help you with vet bills:

    It's from a MySpace group that I'm in called "*Cat Lovers*". I don't think you need to be a member to view it, but if you do, contact me and I will send you all of the links.

    The fact that she is urinating on herself and not eating or drinking, suggests that she really needs to be seen by a vet as soon as possible. They will work with you on your payment options if you explain your financial issues. The dark urine could be a sign of liver or kidney problems, dehydration, urinary tract infection...etc. You won't know until you get her checked out and waiting too long may lead to the problem getting much worse. Make sure she has fresh water near by at all times. Keep her indoors from now on. Feed her small amounts of food all throughout the day. Feeding her large quantities all at once can lead to serious digestive upset being as she's been starving all this time. I suggest canned food mixed with a some dry food. This will help put the weight back on her. Whatever you do, do not give her milk. Cats are lactose-intolerant and the last thing a malnourished cat needs is a bad case of diarrhea.

    If in the future, you still can't afford the vet, I suggest putting her up for adoption or bringing her to a no-kill shelter. It is against the law and considered animal abuse/cruelty not to get the proper medical treatment when it's absolutely necessary. Just because you don't have the money, doesn't make it OK for you to let her suffer.

    Good luck and I wish the best for your cat.

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    Surrender her to a no-kill shelter IMMEDIATELY so she can get the care she needs. If you can't afford to care for your cat why do you let her free roam where the likelihood of injury is so high?

    And how concerned are you about your cat when you're on here answering lots of questions about dating and giving advice to cat owners when you can't even take care of your own cat!

    edit: who says it's going to be "hundreds of dollars"? It could just be severely dehydrated as someone else suggested. When there's little moisture in the body urine comes out very concentrated. The fact it's dark, though, could also indicate some sort of infection or blood in the urine.

    If you take her in for a simple checkup the vet will let you know whether he thinks she's ok or not or if he wants to do some tests. It'd probably be a REALLY good idea to have some subQ fluids given to her. It's not that expensive and if she's severely dehydrated could just save her life.

    If you DON'T get her to the vet - and she is severely dehydrated or ill well she'll either die or get sicker - requiring a MUCH more expensive vet bill than it would have been to get her in now! Ask your father to borrow the money if you don't have it. Pet ownership is a RESPONSIBILITY. And you HAVE to get her in to be checked out. It's animal neglect if you don't.

    Really - what purpose is posting online going to do? How can we diagnose this cat? And if someone gave you someone on here (possibly a 12 year old) gave you some obscure concoction to give her - would you if it meant possibly KILLING your cat? Think about it.

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    You can afford a CHECKUP for her, and a long talk with the vet about options you have. You can so no to the extensive tests, but you should have him do a simple urinalysis at least.

    Without a professional looking a tthe cat, you may be missing something critical going on that can still be handled at this point, rather than let someting go on till it can't be helped anymore.

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    The dark urine is because she is dehydrated, make sure she has pleanty of water. Try feeding her some warm moist food that is high in calories, try table scraps, but be careful because it could give her the runs making her more dehydrated. Keep an eye on her and make sure she is passing stool and urine, check her gums and make sure they are a healthy pink, check for neurological signs, and basic motor function. If she seems fine other than the being really thin, you should be able to fatten her up and she'll be fine. But if she is acting different, you need to take her to the vet, she could be very seriously sick. They may be able to help you with payment options. I know you already know this, but it's irrisponsible to own a pet if you aren't able to take care of it financially.

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    try giving her wet food, every cat i ever had did not refuse it no matter how bad they were feeling. the urine was dark because she is malnourished, she just needs a few good meals, and everything should be ok. If not your going to have to take her the vet, borrow the money if you have too. I would give her 2 or 3 days to see if she eats the wet food first. Also I would go to wal-mart or something a pick up some kitty vitamins, they range from $5 to $10 bucks.

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    She NEEDS a vet. So you have two choices:

    Borrow the money to get her to one.

    Watch her die as her organs shut down because she's severely dehydrated.

    People aren't criticizing you - they're spreaking facts. Besides sounding like she's seriously dehydrated this cat's been out on the streets for two months means she could have picked up a myriad of diseases, worms, etc.

    Too bad you're more concerned about chatting about hair than your sick and dying cat.

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    Here are your choices...find the money and take her to a vet, turn her in to a shelter, or dig a hole to bury her soon. Being that dehydrated, her kidneys are probably shot by now. There is no excuse for not getting her medical attention. Think where you'd get bail money if you went to jail for animal neglect (you know you find it somewhere) and use it to get vet care for her.

    Severely dehydrated cats cannot be rehydrated orally. She need sub-q fluids to replenish her system.

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    You can get help from your vet to pay your vet bill if you are on a low income .you have to fill in a form and it goes to the p.d.s.a.they will help you .and if you phone the animal shelter they will also give you some info good luck

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    u should give her toa shelter or the rspca so they can look after her. u obviously cannot afford to look after yaself. you shouldnt have got the cat if u couldnt afford to keep her also u shld of got pet insurance my darlin it would have saved all this trouble. but seriously u do need to take her to an animal shelter or she will die if shes not got the proper treatment.

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