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Supernatural: Whats the last episode Jo was in?

The last one i saw was "no exit" ... is she in any other episodes after this one ? if so whats it called ?


Wait ... the last one i saw was Born Under a Bad Sign she had a sort of falling out with the boys after discovering from the possessed Sam that their father actually got Jo's father killed.

These are the only two i have ever seen Jo in ...

I she in any other ?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Jo has appeared in a total of four Supernatural episodes (all in season 2):

    "Everybody Loves a Clown" - episode 2

    "Simon Said" - episode 5

    "No Exit" - episode 6

    and "Born Under a Bad Sign" - episode 14

    The last episode Jo appeared in was "Born Under a Bad Sign."

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  • 4 years ago

    My fashionable episode from Season 2 occurs to be my fashionable episode standard and this is all Hell Breaks loose section a million. this is great from start to end. the 1st scene the place Dean needs extra effective onions and pie and Sam rolls his eyes at him. and that i continually love the scenes the place Dean loses Sam and is yelling for him and this one replaced into relatively remarkable. I enjoyed the subsequent scene the place Andy replaced into telling relating to the guy with gay porn. Gotta love Andy. and then they have been all gazing Sam like he replaced into loopy, this is typical, yet come on, those adult men all have powers and that they magically appeared in "Frontierland". something's up. I enjoyed that Dean theory he replaced into having a ingenious and prescient while Andy despatched him the message and he wasn't some psychic. Aww, undesirable Sam, Dean hates psychics. Sam and Jake bonding interior the barn or despite replaced into cool. and then later, Jake completely being sensible approximately how he could desire to kill Sam. this is form of no longer ordinary to tug that off and not sound like a psycho, yet he did. however the very terrific replaced into the final scene. Dean completely broke my heart!!! Croatoan replaced into my next fave episode. i like the scene the place Sam tells Dean to grant him his gun and bypass away.

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