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唔好以為按摩椅就一定大大,當由包裝拎出來,「按摩椅」就只係得吸塵機咁上下Size,使用時就可以將佢泵脹。不過各位唔使擔心,唔使慢慢吹,跟包裝會有埋個氣 ,大約泵15分鐘左右就可以成形,不過講真都要花少少氣力,當做熱身運動喇!呢個設計除可以方便拎住張按摩椅周圍走,仲可以落水能游,成張浮床一樣,大人上去都撐得住!



■AStone iPod按摩椅$998




■ 成張按摩椅只需用上4粒AA電芯就夠力推動。

■ 操作其實好簡單,按圖指示就無問題。

■ 有防漏氣設計,打開蓋都唔怕漏氣。



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  • 1 decade ago
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    IPod massage chair

    Temperature innovates high again, Gan is hot weather, if can lie sea, blow live sea breeze, one side someone for you massage, one side sigh live ice juice your word several cool! Ni Xi send dream, market appears a Zhang Shui Shang Piao iPod massage chair on the face lately, can satisfy Shai above request.

    I good think massage chair certainly greatly, while by wrapping carries out, "Massage chair "Only Xi suck dust machine Gan fluctuation Size, use time can general Ju pump bloated. However everybody make worry, I make blow slowly, with wrapping can have bury a gas, about pump 15 minutes about can become shape, however speak really all want to spend Shao Shao strength, treat as warm-up La! Ni design except can convenience carry live a piece of massage chair surrounding walk, middle can fall into water can swim, become Zhang Fu bed same, panjandrum goes up all prop up live!

    With common float bed biggest difference, certainly Xi Ju in puts massage function, cooperation lathe bed adopts human body work learn designer, all 4 shake massage fil lup can for you fall strength massage. Really summer first conference enjoy.

    Factory AStone for massage chair designs a waterproof store box especially, can general mobile, silver wrap wait for dunnage set free enter go to, I frighten enter water, play disburden especially. In case that feel frowst, middle can will iPod (MP3 machine city)Meet refute go massage chair, there is tridimensional acoustic horn two sides head, Gan can one side massage one side listen song. But chair body the right middle has massage, can set free drink, Shai sigh is enough!

    2009-05-12 22:22:21 補充:

    AStone iPod massage chair $998

    Model stature 162mm, middle has many vacant positions remain.

  • 1 decade ago

    iPod Massage Chair

    High temperatures, too hot weather, if you lie on the sea, the sea breeze blowing live, while it was for you massage, living side sigh ice juice if you do a few cool! This is not a dream, the recent emergence of a market iPod floating water massage chair, can be drying to meet the above requirements.

    Do not think that the massage chair will certainly greatly, when the carry out from the packaging, "Massage Chair" on the line only a vacuum cleaner up and down咁Size, use drainage pump can be swell. But youworry,slowly blowing, will be buried with the packaging of gas, about 15 minutes or so pumps can be formed, but really should be a brief talk about energy, as a warm-up exercise La! In addition to this design can easilywalk around the massage chair, Chung can be able to swim into the sea, into a floating bed, like Zhang, adults arelive up!

    With the greatest difference between an ordinary floating-bed, of course, built-in massage function of the Department of Drainage with the use of ergonomically designed bed, all four vibration massage pad can be hard for your massage. Really enjoy it a great summer.

    AStone the factory on the special massage chair designed for a waterproof storage box, you can phone, wallet and other belongings Add to, never into the water, play the special ease. If feel nausea, can Mr iPod (MP3 machines have) to connect to the massage chair, there are stereo speakers on both sides of the head,咁massage can be one side of music. The right side of the chair are a massage frame, you can put drinks, enough sun sigh!



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