Do I need a new TPS Sensor for my '91 Integra LS? Also, my alternator issue....?

Okay, here's the deal. When I warm up my car, the car will revv on it's own from 1-1.5 RPM's back and forth. My friend said it might be because of the TPS sensor on the throttle body because when he disconnected the TPS, the check engine light would come on, but my car stopped revving. Do I need a new one?

Will this work for my stock 1991 Integra LS?

Also, my alternator bolt fell off and I wanted to know if it would prevent the alternator from charging my battery because my car died on me. Does it need to be bolted tight to work?

Please provide all the good news you have. Thanks all!

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    Go to Autozone and get your codes pulled. It might be your TPS, it might not. That is the only sure way to figure it out.

    Could be plenty of things. My Accord has done that before, it was because of a tiny vacuum leak. It just jumped up and down.

    Other likely candidates are your IAC and FIA valves. Both are located on the throttle body...might as well take it apart and clean everything with some throttle body cleaner. My IAC valve is close to $90 dollars to replace so it's a good idea to clean it anyways before it goes bad, as preventative maintenance. There's a really big screw in the FIA valve that is supposed to be tight (it keeps coolant from flowing through it when it is cold) if it is loose your car will idle funny.

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    First of all replace the sensor, you can get it at autozone. As the alternator goes, the missing bolt will cause it to not be aligned properly and can allow the belt to slip.

    Source(s): 30 year mechanic
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    that tps should work fine as long as you have one of those series engines and your alternator does need to be tight to work properly if its not tight the belt will slip on it causing it not to charge the battery right

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