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Do you believe the government should require children to attend public schools?

After all, if a child isn't properly educated they will ultimately just be a burden to society.


People choose to homeschool so that they may teach their children science is evil and that dinosaur bones were buried by atheists to turn them from god. They are afraid for children to think for themselves and must make sure that they never hear anything that contradicts their beliefs.

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    Honestly it depends on the student NOT the school. Sure there are a lot of lackluster public schools but the same goes for private. My sister goes to a "bad" public high school where they have a great nursing program, a law program and business program. What makes it bad? The students who DON'T want to utilize these programs.

    I went to a prestigious private high school where kids who were failing poorly graduated with me because they could afford to pay to stay in school. My school was money hungry and as long as you coughed up a little more dough, your grades didn't matter. Teaching was lackluster in my school. Having transferred from public school much of the stuff they were teaching when I first got there I already knew and didn't understand why I was paying over 10,000 a year to be retaught.

    So the thing is yes public school system is lacking in many areas, there is no doubting that, private schools can be too. Going to a private school doesn't equal better education all the time. Just like going to public school doesn't always equal bad education.

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    WOW- great way to generalize your hatred and bigotry. I am not only a homeschooling parent but spent a great deal of time around other homeschoolers and not once did I or anyone I knew teach their children that garbage you spewed. I will tell you that my child took her SAT's in 8th grade and was in the top 10% of the testing group. She qualified for graduation and received college offers but I deemed her too young to attend. We are still studying high school material and more advanced math and science than the public schools can bother to teach. I would appreciate you doing some research before making such blanket statements-- If your not sure how to do detailed research I'm sure there are a few 8 or 9 year old homeschool students who would gladly help teach you.

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    Children should be required to attend school but if a family can afford an accredited private school there should be no reason to force them to use public schools.

    Educating the public is one of the few valid functions of government, one of the few reasons we should pay taxes. Unfortunately, government is very poor at administering an education system. There is also the tendency to dumb down the public education system. Instead of demanding better, they lower the standards. It really stinks!

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    LOL nice additional details man! A lot of the focus on home school in the last 10 years has switched to not wanting your children around 12 nut jobs who are in the class, as opposed to religious reasons anymore.

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    The reason many parents send their children to private schools, or homeschool is so their child(ren) will get a good education, so for the government to require children to attend public schools is deemed counterproductive to many parents, including myself. God Bless you.

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    NO !!!!..cause public schools do NOT educate children...they only push their own agenda and wants on them...many MILLIONS of children can not even read and some can not even write Yet Graduated from Public school systems...........

    Public school curiculums...are narrow based and do not allow the child to learn on its own values and principles but are thrust to accept whatever the public shool system desires and that leaves 8 out of 10 students without proper education to face the adversities in the work force......

    Private schools and especially Homeschooled children are taught on a higher level and learn faster and learn More and are hired 4 to 1 over all public school graduates...Why ? cause they are taught to follow and learn direction without being supervised on a continueous basis, and they learn faster and learn more and apply said learning in the mechanics of the job market that public school students do Not have...WHY ? cause public school students are limited in growth of actual job related skills ...........

    The Whole premise of public school is socializing . Same as it today is found even now in churches and clubs and almost every venue of public settings . The principles of learning and education have been set aside to socialize rather then obtaining a proper value of learning to face real life and job related attributes .

    Then they wonder why the drop out rate is at an all time high and why teen pregnancy also is on the rise and the divorce rate is higher then its ever been and why so many one parent families are contributing to the decline of the learning abilities in children.....

    The public census concludes that even the lawless is contributed to the lack of education and true leadership in public schools .

    IT is now only a babysitter for the children for on a daily basis and after school they are sent to a daycare facility again among the self minded public school style setting that has and is ONlY breeding socialized agenda's...with very little premise on true Education and learning enviroments .

    Check out Our Public school children's test scores compared to any country and even third world countries who's childern attend ANY will see the other countries higher degree of learning and mastering skills...the ONLY school children who surpass all other countries including Japan and China is Homeschooled and private schooled children !!!!

    P.S. btw are WRONG about what is taught. its in public schools the lies of dinosaurs and the so called evolution model is taught as a truth with NO SCIENCE to back it up.....

    TRUE SCIENCE is taught in homeschools and private schools without , government and public school agenda's to bind the student to only ONe set rule....(what they say is right no matter the facts).....

    Private and especially Homeschooled children are taught all the open known sciences of today and are allowed to learn its TRuths not its set bias by the federal and state governments and public school systems !!!

    Here is a Prime example from a teacher IN public schools;_ylt=AjlKu...

    Source(s): Plain simple facts Look it up..... but YOU wont find it in this Nations set agenda YOu have to go deeper and look outside the media of the U.S and its educators........
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    yeah, in Louisiana, pretty much all the public schools are weaker than the private schools

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