LGBT: Don't you hate the term "partner"?

Yuck, to me it sounds so.... professional. Like, the people are in the relationship for financial, or convenience. Boyfriend/girlfriend, or spouse, just has more love involved, more commitment, to me.

My dad has a partner. Many, actually. He's a lawyer. He's straight. The person I f**k, cuddle, and take to dinner isn't the same person as my dad's partner.

What do you guys think?

MP: Do you think I should sneak out to the Village? (I live in NYC) What should I do there if I go?


Dr. Dorris: uhhhhhhhhhh. WHAT?

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    I'm 35. I'm not marrying the man I'm involved in (our choice). "Boyfriend" sounds like I'm still in high school, and doesn't carry the weight of the commitment we've made to each other. He's not my spouse. He's not my husband. He's my partner, because that's what he is. He's my partner in life, in love, financially, physically, emotionally, mentally. In all ways, he is the other half of me.

    Coming from his perspective, I'm a transperson who doesn't identify as male or female. This means I'm not his "boyfriend" or his "girlfriend" so what am I? "Personfriend"? That's goofy as heck. Partner, again, is the only gender-neutral term that would apply.

    There's a lot of things involved when choosing the right term for the person you choose to share your life with.

    Source(s): Me: Transqueer
    • Dexim6 years agoReport

      Sorry, the term "Partner" No matter how you try to eloquenty express your use of it to define your relationship, still sounds cold and sterile.

  • 4 years ago

    It is unfortunate, but there isn't and never will be a perfect 1:1 bijection between words and concepts. Part of the trouble is, that there are minorities within minorities, who only become visible when the wider minority becomes visible. For instance, I'm asexual and trans-curious, neither of which seem to be included in "LGBT(Q)" (except possibly under "questioning") yet very obviously some sort of a minority, sexually. Ideally we'd all just be human and have done with it, but labels seem to be a necessary evil.

  • I think it's only okay for bisexuals to use it in hypothetical situations.

    like, I'm bisexual and I'm single, and if I want to talk about a future relationship (most probably gonna be a girl, but that's contradicting my point, ugh, sorry..) Anyway, I'd probably say "partner"..

    But to be really honest with you, I'm bisexual as I said, and I'm more into girls, so I would rather use the term "Girlfriend" or "lover"

    Gay guys should just call their boyfriends boyfriends.

    Lesbians should call their girlfriends girlfriends.

    well, for bisexuals.. if they already have one, then call them by their gender!! if they're boys call them boyfriends, if they're girls, then girlfriends they are!

    PS: I saw a Tegan and Sara interview the other day, and they were talking about this issue, too.. I was gonna ask the same question like 3 times, you beat me! :D

    Sorry! Can't answer your little question :/ I'm no where near NYC!

    But have fun! and DO sneak out! :D

  • 1 decade ago

    YES! I was just thinking about how stupid that term is!

    You work on a project with a partner.

    You are intimate with a lover. I really like that word because it's genderless and all about love, and love is a genderless thing so it makes sense. Love just is, and it can be between any people.

    Boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, husband, girlfriend, "that special somone"...all of those are better than partner (yuck)

    unless of course you seriously are having sex with your partner at work or you're talking dirty like "my partner in crime (in bed)" lol or you make things kinky and you're dressing up in sexy work clothes and stripping them off and saying "we have so much work to get done ms. johnson"....

    okay I'm going to stop now lmao

    but anyway, yeah I hate that term

    ...and now that's all I'm going to think about the next time someone uses the word partner in that way lol

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    YESSSSSSsssss!!!! I also hate the word "hubby". EEEWWwwwww I t sounds like something nasty.

    MP: Sure. I just snuck out a few hours a ago. I came back home and my parents never knew I left. HAhahahhaha I just got back home. ANywhos...I dont really like Greenwich village. Rainbow flags made me uncomfortable for some reason. HAHahhaha Im not lying. I hate that flag.

  • 1 decade ago

    Yeah, I'm not crazy about the word "partner" either, but I don't really like any of the alternatives.

    Girlfriend -- fine for a casual dating relationship but seems a bit too casual for someone I've chosen to spend my life with

    Lover -- suggests too much emphasis on the sexual aspect of the relationship? Seems to be "TMI" for a lot of straight people, LOL

    Significant other -- awkward

    Wife -- fine word, but if we're not actually married/civil unioned, its not quite accurate, IMO

    I'm currently single, BTW but usually end up using "girlfriend" for dating relationships and "partner" for someone I actually live with and plan to be with long-term. I've yet to get married or civil unioned, but if/when I do, I will refer to her as my "wife".

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    OMG, yes! I think it's totally revolting, "My partner and I". I don't think so. "My lover and I", "My boyfriend and I", "My boytoy and I", all of it sounds much better. ****, anything sounds better than "partner".

    Yes! Of course you should sneak out! Go out and live have fun. I don't know what's in the village but you should SO go!! Seriously. Live life to the fullest!!

    Hey there sugarbaby saw you twice at the popshow, you taste just like glitter mixed with ROCK N ROLL. I Like you a LOT LOT, think you're really HOT HOT, know you think you're special when we dance real crazy, glamophonic, electronic, disco baby...

  • 1 decade ago

    umm yes i don't like that word that much either. because he wont be my partner he will be my husband or something like that.

    your right about the professional thing.

    MP: Sure why not. Go all the way to Manhattan. Paint the town red and cut a rug lol

  • Jordy
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    I agree, I mean yes all couples should be "Partners" but once I find I guy he will be my boyfriend, and maybe eventually my husband. It makes it seem like it's not equal to straight couples by using the term "Partner".

    I'm glad someone agrees with me.

    ohhhhh the village, idk I live in Ohio so I have no idea.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I'm guilty of using it and have offended a few people because it. Then again it doesn't matter what word I use someone is bound to be offended. Lately though I've been using fiance when talking about my significant other since we are engaged.

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