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What do these Laptop Specifics mean exactly?!?

Processor & Memory:

Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Processor T6400 (2.0GHz)

2MB L2 cache

800MHz front side bus



500GB (5,400RPM) SATA Hard Drive

SuperMulti 8x DVD+/-R/RW drive with Double Layer Support

Graphics & Video:

14.1" WXGA BrightView widescreen display; 1280 x 800 native resolution

Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD graphics (shared)


802.11a/b/g/n WLAN

Integrated 10/100 Ethernet LAN


Built-in Altec Lansing speakers


HP color matching keyboard

Touch Pad with on/off and dedicated vertical scroll up/down pad


ExpressCard/54 Slot


3x USB 2.0 ports (one shared with eSATA port)


1x RJ-45 (LAN)

1x RJ-11

1x Notebook Expansion Port 3

1x VGA

2x headphone out

1x Mic in

1x Consumer IR

Operating System:

Microsoft® Windows Vista Home Premium with SP1 (64-bit)

Power Supply:

6-cell Lithium Ion Battery

65W AC Adapter

Brand new, expresso black with integrated webcam, microsoft works, for $700, good or bad deal and what does all that mean?!


ok you guys keep saying that this version of windows is bad, whats so bad about it? why wouldnt it work well? AND WHAT EXACTLY DO ALL THOSE NUMBERS MEAN?!

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    First of all it is not even close to a good deal.

    Second, it is a low end laptop so there is some mind boggling thinking going on to twist this into something somebody would actually want to buy.

    CPU - low end with 2 meg cache instead of 6 but good enough.

    RAM - 4 gig is good enough.

    Now it goes downhill...

    Hard drive - ultra slow 5400 rpm - waiting for a 5400 is like fingernails on a blckboard... get a 7200 rpm

    LCD - can we get worse resolution than 1280x800? nope, that is as bad as it gets...

    Video chip - crappy Intel integrated grahics will help your laptop be unstable and flaky with the warm comfortable blue screens you've always enjoyed or you could get any NVIDIA or ATI video chip with it's own dedicated video RAM...

    Check all video chips here:

    Audio - all laptop audio is crap so just ignore it.

    O/S - Vista 64 - as good as it gets until Windows 7 this fall.

    Battery - get a 9 cell if you want longer battery life.

    If there is any chance you will play modern games during the time you own the laptop then you need to select something more than the bare minimun dedicated graphics chip and move up to a more premium dedicated graphics chip. Check here for laptop graphics chips and how they perform in games:

    Here is a similar model still with a crappy hard drive and screen but at least a decent video chip:


    It would take pages to fully explain what all those numbers mean. The important thing is to identify which numbers are important and what is the minimum level to shoot for:

    CPU - get anything

    RAM - get 4 gig

    Hard drive - any 7200 rpm

    LCD - any with a LED backlight, try to get 1920x1200 resolution

    Video chip - any dedicated graphics chip with its own dedicated graphics RAM, and a top level chip if you play games.

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    The processor is pretty good, for a laptop. The 2 mb of L2 cache will help a lot. that's sort of like memory built in to the processor. the 800 front side buss is decent. A lot of laptops have 533 and 600 or so. The 5400 rpm hard drive is pretty typical for a laptop most desktops have 7200 some laptops do. they usually use the 5400 for better battery life. some are as low as 4200 which sucks. the 500 gig is great. the 4 gigs of memory is really good. The graphics will be ok if you're not a hard core gamer. these specs over all are pretty good for the price. I would see if it has the option for a 9 cell battery.It would be worth paying extra for, even if they want an extra 60 or 80 bucks. whatever you buy the first thing you need to do is get rid of all the trial ware if it has norton use the norton removal tool use a good free antivirus, just stay of the bad sites. And make sure you dont have a bunch of programs running when windows starts up. Because when you buy it it WILL, they all do. Thats why Macs run better out of the box they don't.You have to clean all the new computers up when you buy them then they run just as good as the 2000 dollar macs. they even have the same processors and pretty much everything else. But if you leave it in it's factory state it will be a dog..These software companys pay them to put all this crapware on them to subsidize them so they can sell them cheap. I'm telling you this because if you don't know what those specs mean then you probably don't know this.

    Don't let these people scare you with the 5400 rpm hard drive and integrated graphics you will rarely if ever do anything where you are able to detect the difference between 5400 and 7200 rpms on the hard drive. And it will help battery life. As far as graphics if you're not a big gamer don't worry about it. the only thing I would worry about is that 6 cell battery. and don't worry about the 64 bit operating system it's the future, and it allows you to use all that big 4 gigs of ram. I build High end gaming systems and fix peoples computers after they screw them up. I'm not just some casual user who thinks they know what they are talking about. I'm a professional.

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    That sounds like a very good deal. I'll break down some of the more important parts:

    Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Processor T6400 (2.0GHz) - a solid mid-range processor, it'll get the job done nicely. You'll want something more powerful if you want to play graphics-intensive video games or something. This will run a little hotter than the 8000+ series Processors, which have a new technology to make them run cooler.

    4GB DDR2 SDRAM - Plenty of RAM, perfect for Vista 64 bit.

    500GB (5,400RPM) SATA Hard Drive - Lots of space, but you want to save mp3s or video files you might want to invest in an external harddrive. 5400 RPM is not the fastest speed, that's 7200. This means that it'll take a bit of time to access really big files, or to move big files from one place to another.

    SuperMulti 8x DVD+/-R/RW drive with Double Layer Support - Basic DVD RW drive. You can't watch Blu-Rays, but you wouldn't want to do that on a 14" screen anyway.

    14.1" WXGA BrightView widescreen display; 1280 x 800 native resolution - Kind of a small screen, not great resolution. This might get annoying if you spend a lot of time on the computer.

    Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD graphics (shared) - Integrated graphics are not great. You won't get a very good Frames Per Second rate. I wouldn't try to play a graphics heavy game with this.

    802.11a/b/g/n WLAN - You'd be ahead of the curve with a Wireless-N card.

    Built-in Altec Lansing speakers - Laptop speakers aren't very good as a generally rule.

    3x USB 2.0 ports (one shared with eSATA port) - That's a good amount of usb ports for a laptop.

    1x HDMI - This means you can connect it to a much larger screen via HDMI cable with no loss of quality.

    Microsoft® Windows Vista Home Premium with SP1 (64-bit) - 64 bit Vista is nice, but you don't get all the fancy frills that come with Vista Ultimate.

    6-cell Lithium Ion Battery - This is a standard laptop battery size to minimize weight. You'll probably get 2-2.5 hours on it at its peak, maybe 1.5 hours watching a dvd.

    That's definitely a good price, just make sure you get a warranty in case something happens.

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    Very goo buy

    Dual core processor is at the top for todays technology, 4 gigs of ram is way above standards, 500 gig Hd is a very good amount of space, built in wireless card.

    This is a great buy, because it will last for many years to come and you will get good use out of it.

    Remember, this is a good computer for everyday use. NOT GAMING

    Do not even think about playing a game on this.

    To whoever said the video card is lacking, this is a laptop, a VC in a laptop is not meant to be amazing.

    **Keep in mind, upgrades on a laptop are very limited all you can upgrade is the RAM, HD, nothing else so remember that

    Also windows vista home premium 64 bit is a great Os, although 64 bit is not compatible with everything yet, its getting there and will prove to be the best in the next 6-9 months

    I would go for this computer and but it if I were you

    If you plan on gaming, custom build a desktop for about 800$.

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    yeah i prefer the Microsoft Windows XP, not the version of Vista. for the version of Vista consumes much more CPU and EMS memory than Windows XP, in another word, the laptop may run slower. what's more, the Vista system is not easy to grasp.

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    It's a nice laptop, but lacking in the display section.

    In my honest opinion.

    The display I think is to small, and the graphics hardware is weak.

    But everything else I would be happy with... Except I would be dumping the OS, and other software to install Debian GNU/Linux.

    In summation, I wouldn't buy it.

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    Lots of hard drive / memory space, it'll be fast, and capable of a lot of activity. However, this is irrelevant to how badly windows will run on it.

    So good hardware, bad software.

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    Network is simple term means. Connecting multiple computer together with the ability to shared common applications or programs.

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    for 7oo thats a great deal its a workhorse an may be overkill

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    It means that it will snail slow in a couple of months.

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