Wednesday me and 2 friends are getting pictures taken and i need help..?

what would be a good theme? like what should we wear?


Thanks for the answers so far..Sarah has helped out alot!

there isnt a certain theme we have to go for..its whatever we would like...keep answers coming please(:

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    Wear clothes.

    That would be preferable no matter what.

    After that, wear the ones you like and feel comfortable in.

  • ha ha good one.I think you should dress in whatever is comfortable.You might want to go funny and like bring a bag around full of like princess stuff lol and become princesses!i am just thinking of funny things so don't think im like 10 because im not lol.I would do something funny with my friends.One should wear a purple shirt and be in the middle and the other 2 could be pink!I hope this helped lol.Thanks!Good luck! I hope it goes well for you!

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    i dont know what kind of studio you guys are going to. The props, backgrounds, and lighting available are very important. But you can definitely be creative with your clothes. If you wanna be casual, yall can wear jeans, same colored shoes, like black or white, and similar colored shirts. Like a baby blue, teal, and royal blue, or just plain white buttoned shirts.

    OR, I dont know how old you are, or how girly you are, but you cold all wear little black dresses with red heels and red jewelry and lipstick.

    OR, If you want something more creative you can dress up. Like a 50s look

  • Anonymous
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    ooh, well, are themes i am not saying suit ME or that I think they are cool but u might...wait, is it supposed to be dressy? color coordinated? need more detail, hun, but here ya g:



    -princess (gag, idk how old u are so, dont get me wrong, i am stating all themes i could think of, plz dont be...uh...offended!?)

    -animal print theme (zebra, cheetah, ect)

    -rock n roll (black, big sunglasses, ripped jeans, ripped gloves, ect)

    -color coordinated (all wear the same shade of hue,)

    -glamour girl

    -county western (with the hey-ya'll-farm-western-talk)..(oh, and wear plaid and straw hats and overalls)

    -crazy hair theme

    -tye die shirts and jeans

    - the chain-chain-bling-bling-gangsta-look

    -wicked witch theme (pointy hats, brooms, green face, potion bottles)

    -ragedy anne theme

    -sport theme (b-ball, soft ball, surfing, ect)

    -william shakespeare theme (ahaha, jk)

    -clown theme

    -dumb blonde paris hilton/britney spears theme

    -reggae theme (like dread locks, rasta colors, and pot) jk bout the pot

    -teddy bear theme

    alright, that took alot of time, so appreciate it, missy. ahaha, hope i helped!!!!!

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