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Mobile Home & Permit/ County vs. State?

My family is in the process of buying a 1/2 acre property with 2 homes, the main home sits in the back of the property, built in 2003, there is an older mobile home in the front that has been there a lot longer... Our lender is trying to find out if the mobile home has a permit to be there. He just found out that the county has no record of it, but the state does...

Why would the state have record of the mobile home, and not the county..?

If the county has no record, but the state does, and if we do buy the property, will we have problems in the future with the county because of the mobile home?

I live in CA, Property located in Stanislaus County.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I have no idea why the state would have a record. You need a permit from the county though. The lender is not likely to approve this without the permits, and your county tax records have to match up as well. If you want I can email you a copy of what the tax records state (your title company can give you this as well).

    If the county is already taxing the property correctly you should not have too much trouble getting the permit, Stanislaus county is pretty laid back.

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  • 3 years ago

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