Do you know anything about the Holocaust Museum?

Is it good? Do you have any information on it? What exactly is it?

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    The Holocaust Museum commemorates the Holocaust that took place in the mid-20th century--you know, death camps, genocide, extermination of 6 million Jews and 6 million gypsies, homosexuals, non-Aryans, etc. It is a few blocks from the Smithsonian Metro station on the Blue and Orange lines (use the south exit).

    Unless you are a member, it can be difficult to get in, and security is very high. You will have to walk through a metal detector. You will take a little booklet, divided by gender, of someone who lived during that time. When I went, there were exhibits on antisemitism throughout the ages, how it coalesced when Hitler came to power, how Jews were stripped of their rights, the horrid effects of what happened, and finally, how people started fighting back. I always remember the bins of shoes in one of the halls between exhibits.

    There were also brief mentions of other genocidal events--Rwanda, Darfur--but the focus is mainly on this particular series of events.

    I recommend you at least try to go.

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    It is very good. It shows the buildup to the Holocaust in Europe under Hitler. It has detailed accounts from survivors and photos. You'll need to devote a few hours at least to see it. I agree with an earlier answerer. One room is filled with shoes of victims. Considering the small percentage of victims that room accounts for is staggering when imagining the scope of the atrocities Hitler and Germany visited on Jews and others.

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    My class went on a field trip to DC and we visited all of the monuments, but the only thing my class wanted to talk about was the holocaust museum. Its an amazing museum thats really well laid out, and its very effective.

    Go and epirience it for yourself because its something you will never forget.

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