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sub machine guns and shot guns?

are sub machine guns such as uzis tec9s mac10s illegall in the country?and benelli m4 super 90 and hi point carbine guns are they illegal too?

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    +1 to Don.

    As long as you do not live in CA and you meet the req's of the law, you will not have a problem purchasing any of the guns you mention. None are illegal in most states as long as they are semi-automatic and a Class III license will make auto versions (very expensive) legal for you.

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    It depends on the age of my child. If my child was old enough and I had taught them about gun safety and how to use a gun and when a gun should be used, the same way my father did with me, then yes I would let my kids handle it because they'll know how it works. It's not like they're really going to shoot someone. I had a bb I got for my 6th birthday, when I was 10 I shot my first shotgun. We come from what you would call a redneck family. Everything was always under lock and key, ammunition locked in a different case than the guns were. We knew how guns worked, we also knew the only time it was appropriate to use the guns was on the range and when we went hunting. The only times guns were allowed out of the locked cabinet was if they were being cleaned or being put into cases to take hunting or to the range. I'm not going to just hand a child who can not comprehend gun safety a loaded gun, that would be simply retarded. But I see no reason for a child being raised where guns are to know how to use them.

  • Andy
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    In the USA the Federal government allows one to own a full auto or select fire firearm. However there are states that do not allow full auto firearms in the hands of private citizens. You need not have a Class 3 license to own only to sell, but you'll need to fill out paperwork and pay taxes on your full auto firearm. A Class 3 license is only needed to sell class 3 firearms.

    As for Benelli M4 Super 90 and the Hi point carbine I believe they are legal in all 50 states.

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    The fully automatic ones (uzis, tec9s, mac10s) are not legal in their fully-automatic form, but there are semi-automatic versions of them that are perfectly legal.

    The Hi-point and the benelli would be legal yes.

    Of course, you CAN legally obtain fully-automatics if you are willing to jump through those insane, time consume, expensive hoops.

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    Hi-Point Carbines are semi-automatic and are perfectly legal in most if not all states.....

    Benelli M4 shotguns are legal in all states......

    I will let others answer about the Macs, Uzi's and techs.... In New York you have to have a pistol permit for those....

  • Anonymous
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    you got to get a class 3 license for a full auto

    you can buy the benelli m4 at any gun store. they are just really hard to find these days.

    not sure what a super 90 is

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    Any weapon that is semi auto is legal in most states (i.e. you can have a semi auot tec 9, mac 10, uzi, etc.)

    If you go through the process to get a class 3 license, you can have fully auto.

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    you need special permits to use them

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