LGBT: Sad and happy music!!!?

In YOUR opinion:

what is the saddest song you have ever heard?


what is the happiest song you have ever heard?


Muffins! (The Original) - wow the ponies have wings and they are riding rainbows and the castle is pink .... and tony randall is in it really? I never heard of this show .... it is a happy song :) .... why can only some of the ponies fly? .... also, how does that AFI song go? I wanna find it hehe

Update 2:

Rowan - thats the donnie darko song! hehe I listened to it so much when I first saw the movie ..... what a weird movie at that ... im still not 100% sure what happen there .....

I love classic rock but I could never get into "the doors" .... I just listened to "the end" again and i kinda like it ... im still more of an AC/DC and Billy squeir type of fan

+1 on Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles

Update 3:

if anyone cares, I think teh happiest song is "what a wonderful world" by Joey Ramone

Update 4:

voices - +1 on my immortal .... and Burning Up ... its pretty upbeat, makes me wanna dance more than it makes me want to smile

Update 5:

to the end. - working class hero is so deep and meaningful ... I love the song to death but it doesnt make me all that sad .... Queen is always good for a smile ... my favorite is their song about patience and moderation ... i think its called "I want it all"

Update 6:

Sillyhead -

Last Kiss - Pearly Jam - mixed emotions about this song ... I think it would just perpetuate w/e mood im in atm ....

Apologise - Timbaland ft One Republic - hehe its sad ....and its never too late! Im a firm believer in that! as long as the apology is sincere its never too late

My Immortal - Evanescence. - copycat *sticks out tongue*

Elvis - In The Ghetto - to this day the only elvis song I like is burning love, I just cant get into the other ones .... good lyrics though for in the ghetto

Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Israel Kamakawiwo'ole - this song makes me want to relax and have a beer with my friends lol! will you join me for one?

Faryl Smith - The River Of Light - im sorry im not a fan of this one :( ... gotta give her props though given her age...

... wow that was a lot of songs, took me a while to check em all out :) .... and now House is on! do you watch House? .... I love his character, the show is just ok with a few exceptional episodes ....

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    Saddest song: Hmm.. that's a toughy! ..

    * Last Kiss - Pearly Jam is sad in my eyes.


    * Apologise - Timbaland ft One Republic: Lol, strange choice? Well, I listened to it alot when I had my heart broken like a year ago. It's how I felt, kinda.

    Lol, as well, the classic All By Myself. It's kinda self explanitory lol

    Oh, forgot about:

    My Immortal - Evanescence.

    Elvis - In The Ghetto. I love that song. It's like a story.. really sad :(

    Happiest song:

    One song that always makes me smile is..

    Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Israel Kamakawiwo'ole [

    Youtube thumbnail


    I also like.. Faryl Smith - The River Of Light (That girl from Britains Got Talent) [

    Youtube thumbnail

    ] I find this song extremely.. wow-ing for me and I loooooove it! Lol - I love the line "Round round round, spin me faster" She's only 13!!! 14 soon I think lol. I just find her voice amazing!

    Great question! xD *Hugs the paranoid "guy"* ;P


    Edit: I was working on this answer for ages lol, I kept getting interupted! And I got in late and the guy above said My Immortal first :( lol

    Edit2: Beer! Sure, would love to.

    House? No, never watched it.. is that about the doctor that walks with a limp, english right? Or is that something else?

    I am off to bed now. It's 1:13am here. And I'm tired.. gotta be up in the morning to mind my nephew - Save Me!! He's just so.. hyper all the time, he wears me out! :/


    Oooh.. listen to Tegan & Sara - Nineteen. I can't stop litening to it, it makes me smile xD

    Ok, ok, I'm heading off now.. Nighty night!

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    Saddest: Mad World by Gary Jules or The End by The Doors

    Happiest: Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles

  • voices
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    saddest: My Immortal by Evanescence

    happiest: Burning Up by Kylie Minogue

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    what is the saddest song you have ever heard? working class hero by john lennon always brings a tear to my eye


    what is the happiest song you have ever heard? the ferry fellers master-stroke - Queen

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    I don't remember the name of the song, but it's by AFI.

    Happiest... Uh..... No clue. My Little Pony theme song?

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