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help me find a person to write a 6 page report on?

which person could i find the most info on

i need to write a 6 page report on somebody from this list

billy sunday

aimee semple mcpherson

clarence darrow

william jennings bryan

zora neale hurston

marcus garvey

james weldon johnson

langston hughes

paul robeson

bessie smith

louis armstrong

d.w. griffin

charlie chaplin

charles a. lindbergh

amelia earnhart

f. scott fitzgerald

george gershwin

woody guthrie

eleamor roosevelt

huey p. long

dr. francis townsend

john l. lewis

john maynard keynes

frances perkins

mary mcleod bethune

dorthea lange

marian anderson

a. mitchell palmer

henry ford

warren g. harding

calvin coolidge

charles evans hughes

billy mitchell

benito mussolini

francisco franco

joseph stalin

haile selassie

winston churchill

and give me some links with alot info on this person

i need 6 pages

and thats alot to me

so helpp!

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