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Micheal Vick Throwback mitchell and ness? Is it real?

On the mitchell and ness website it has a list of jerseys they do not make because they dont have a licence to make them, on of them is michael vick? I was wondering if they used to make them before and stopped making it after the dog fighting incident or if they had never made them in the first place. The jersey says authentic throwback is it fake?

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    Lobback jersey maybe. It could easily be authentic. Vick started in 2001. You can't go back too many years to have a jersey that he might have worn, but, whatever was on the shelves and in the bins when his problems took him out, was stored or disposed of. Now that he is coming back, apparently, those jerseys that were pulled as unmarketable can be sold. Anything that was not sold is now old. LOL.

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    The day after Micheal Vick got convicted for the whole dog fighting thing. Every Jersey, Card and Autograph from Vick was taken off the Internet. They will technically have to start selling his jerseys whenever he gets signed or traded.

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    yeah it has to be because they were takin his jersey's off the shelves why would they waste money and make a throwback

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