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Why did President George HW Bush pay Osama bin Laden $10 million to overthrow Pakistani PM Bhutto in 1990?

MR. GREGORY: Where is Osama bin Laden?

MR. ZARDARI: You all have been there for eight years, you tell me. You lost him in Tora Bora, I didn't. I was in prison. In fact, my wife warned America about Osama bin Laden in '89. She rung up senior Bush and asked, asked of him, "Are you destabilizing my government?" Because he paid the then opposition $10 million to do--overthrow the first woman elected in Islamic country. So we knew that he was your operator.


Shandra: The link is to the "Meet the Press" transcript on NBC from yesterday.

If they were just a bunch of liars, MTP wouldn't be the longest running show on television because no politician would waste their time with it.

Update 2:

Does anyone on here even know who Prime Minister Zardari is?

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    by and large you are dealing with people who are going to read msnbc and they're just going to type that msnbc is liars

    if you were to say fox news the other side would just make fun of fox news as being unreliable

    this site is not a good site for genuine conversation, its just two camps who fight one another with stupid sound points

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    I'd be careful about saying who's going to be in hell if such a place exists some conservatives {Ron Paul etc} are actually hesitant to use the military unless absolutely necessary and voted against the Iraq War Resolution. The rest of it I'd agree with. George W. Bush was one of worst of the worst presidents we've ever had and we all know that Osama Bin Laden deserves to be hung from a sour apple tree. I long for the relative calm of the 1990's when Bill Clinton was president. The biggest story then was the president soiling a blue dress. lol

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    He was an asset to the US. A democratic middle east would foil the plans for the coming New World Order and the subsequent world government. We needed a 'terrorist' threat in order to begin destabilization of our nation's sovereignty.

    Don't forget that as a CIA director in the early 70's it was George HW Bush who helped create the Mujahadeen and "Al-Qeada". He did this through the help of Zbigniew Brzezinski, then NSA to Carter, now foreign policy adviser to Obama.

    And a fact that Bush sympathizers never seem to acknowledge is that the Bush family and the Bin Laden's were business partners through W's Arbusto Energy company:

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    A well known story - outside the USA.

    Bush snr founded AQ ('the base' / i.e. the CIA 'database'), armed, trained and supported them via the Pakistani ISI - and put the son of his old Bush family friends, the Bin Ladens, in charge.


    ... I think not!

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  • We have done this many times to many dictators.

    Do some homework no real America Government.

    Our Government is the problem

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    Your citing an MSNBC source as a reliable source....the chain of this story is a man saying something that his wife supposedly said to someone close to someone about someone who was never named in the conversation.

    That's a whole hell of a lot of asumptions for a story...but given that MSNBC uses blogs as reputable Joe the Plumber being related to Keating (FALSE...AKA LIE) or Sarah Palin thinking Africa was a country (FALSE...AKA LIE)

    MSNBC uses whatever source it can come up with to make a story out of......male cow manure....and cites it as fact....

    How can you stick to a news outlet that uses blogs as it's primary source of facts?

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    The GOP sheep will call you a liar and a dozen other things not fit to print...they just HATE facts and the truth.

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    Because he was one of Bush sr's assets(CIA).Makes you wonder if he was still on Daddy Bush's payroll on 911.

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    msnbc has been proven to lie, cheat, and threaten people, please dont believe the crap on that site!

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