Is a "nonprofit, 501(c)3 organization" subject to ADA compliance?

There is a local retreat facility that is in the first phases of building a new on-site hotel. The current facility is Not ADA compliant, which makes my husband's stay there very primitive (when it comes to personal hygiene).

I have seen their floorplan on-line, and the bath areas are all very tiny.

Do I have a foot to stand on to INSIST that they implement at least 2 rooms for Handicap-friendly use? The hotel boasts of 50 rooms. I would think, that in 2009 profit and non-profit (these people) would have to comply to having at least a percentage of their rooms to be ADA-compliant.

Please advise and thank you for your time!

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    Absolutely they have to by law. You send them a letter notifying them of your concern and send a copy to the regional ADA & IT Center. (You can get that number by going to then the name of your state.

    Then call the ADA Center up and refer to your letter and ask them to help you take the next step. It is best to do this before if is built rather than after. It will also deminstrate clear evidence that they were made aware of the law prior it it being built.

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    I dont know the exact law, but I would think so yes.

    FOUND IT!! YES THEY DO!!! Especially in a buidling currently being built!

    ADA Title III: Public Accommodations

    Title III covers businesses and NONPROFIT (caps added) service providers that are public accommodations, privately operated entities offering certain types of courses and examinations, privately operated transportation, and commercial facilities. Public accommodations are private entities who own, lease, lease to, or operate facilities such as restaurants, retail stores, HOTELS, movie theaters, private schools, convention centers, doctors' offices, homeless shelters, transportation depots, zoos, funeral homes, day care centers, and recreation facilities including sports stadiums and fitness clubs. Transportation services provided by private entities are also covered by title III.

    Public accommodations must comply with basic nondiscrimination requirements that prohibit exclusion, segregation, and unequal treatment. They also must comply with specific requirements related to architectural standards for new and altered buildings; reasonable modifications to policies, practices, and procedures; effective communication with people with hearing, vision, or speech disabilities; and other access requirements. Additionally, public accommodations must remove barriers in existing buildings where it is easy to do so without much difficulty or expense, given the public accommodation's resources.

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