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Can I hide certain Facebook friends' status updates from my view?

You know when you first sign into Facebook, you can see everything all of your friends have updated their own walls with? How can I hide certain peoples' status updates WITHOUT deleting them as a friend?

Basically, I have a few annoying Facebook friends whose rants I prefer not to have to read. I can't delete them because they're my fiancee's friends/spouses of friends, and they would be "weird" about it once they discovered I deleted them. *eye roll*

Thank you!



YAAAAY this is great! Thank you so much, Compu-Nerd! :D

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    Move your pointer over the right side of one of her posts and you should she the option to "Hide".

    Click on it and they'll direct you from there.

    You can always edit your options later just scroll all the way to the bottom of the Home page - click edit options, and next to the one you want back, click add to news feed.


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    Definitely you want to share creative and awesome thinking in shape of status and updates among your friends, family, coworkers, community, relatives, etc. So, why unrelated people are commenting on your status? Yes, definitely not.. You can save your status and updates from these malicious comments through setting privacy settings on your profile. Facebook allows you to customize your account in your own way and says Stay Connected! I have read an article on Facebook privacy settings which carries a tutorial how to have privacy on status without removing anyone. I suggest you to watch tutorial the link I am sharing in source.

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