help losing my gut please help.?


i have an issue losing my gut

and i need help with excerises advice

to lose it. im 5'4 i weight about 125 but at times

my weight goes up and down. from 121 to 126

i would like to know a healthy way to eat but also have the ability to eat chocolate o ice cream its my weakness also nknow that i can't afford the gym and also when i do crunches my neck hrts i would also like to know what i am doing wrong thanks god bless

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    i love doing pilates, it helps with ur core and like the experts say ur building muscle from the inside out, on ebay or u can find really cheap dvds of pilates, my favs are mauri winsor pilates, the dvds come in ranges of beginners to advance and the moves are very simply explained. try to keep you sweets to maybe once a week if you have to pick a day where you can treat urself, no depriving because then ur more likely to want to go over bored eating things like ice cream, u already sound like your thin anyways so it should be easy for u if u do some pilates, they also say that walking like 30 minutes a day is suppose to help u lose belly fat so try those things and good luck.

    Source(s): i have all the pilates dvds and it worked for me
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    good, you gotta have a few cardio undertaking. relying for your degree of health you could desire to begin with simply jogging, then walking, then strolling. This is a first-rate technique to burn energy and construct muscle. Also, this may occasionally accelerate your metabolism, serving to you burn extra energy. Drink tons of water. Not most effective does the frame use energy to warmth the water, it additionally aids in common frame approaches, serving to you burn even MORE energy. What you consume is quite main, however such a lot persons fail to remember that additionally it is HOW MUCH you consume. Your belly is most effective the scale of a fist, so your quantities will have to be relatively small. It's additionally plenty more fit to consume a few small foods in the course of the day, as a substitute of a couple of massive ones. This forces your metabolism to be energetic nearly non-give up. Don't consume after round 6 pm, and be certain you get breakfast within the morning. Get round 7-eight hours of sleep, as this may occasionally aid your frame heal from excercising. Good success!

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