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Are there any contemporary ceramicists?

I need to do a project on a contemporary ceramicist that is still alive. i want some one that is easy to research. any help?? please.

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    Any of these should be good:

    Tim Andrews

    Rebecca Appleby

    Roma Babuniak

    Peter Beard

    Terry Bell-Hughes

    Beverley Bell-Hughes

    Matthew Blakely

    Dylan Bowen

    Karen Bunting

    Kyra Cane

    Manuel Canu

    Thiebaut Chague

    Olivia Chague

    Matthew Chambers

    Carina Ciscato

    Clare Conrad

    Robert Cooper

    Jane Cox

    Eddie Curtis

    Susan Disley

    Jack Doherty

    Bridget Drakeford

    Elke Eder-Eich

    Adam Frew

    Margaret Frith

    David Frith

    Kyriaki Gerontaki

    Nina Gotzsche

    Virginia Graham

    Ian Gregory

    James Hake

    Lisa Hammond

    Ashraf Hanna

    Peter Hayes

    Regina Heinz

    John Higgins

    Akiko Hirai

    Ikuko Iwamoto

    John Jelfs

    Stine Jespersen

    Lisa Katzenstein

    Chris Keenan

    Sun Kim

    Anna Lambert

    Tony Laverick

    Claire Loder

    Uwe Loellmann

    Sophie MacCarthy

    Gareth Mason

    Hitomi McKenzie

    Martin McWilliam

    Hennie Meyer

    Craig Mitchell

    Karen Morgan

    Jane Muir

    Valéria Nascimento

    Kate O'Connell

    Sue Paraskeva

    Richard Phethean

    Jonathan Phillips

    Merete Rasmussen

    Lesley Risby

    Duncan Ross

    Suleyman Saba

    Antonia Salmon

    Laurance Simon

    Kaori Tatebayashi

    Louisa Taylor

    Fiona Thompson

    Luca Tripaldi

    Craig Underhill

    Clementina Van Der Walt

    Tina Vlassopulos

    Jonathan Wade

    Andrea Walsh

    Sasha Wardell

    James and Tilla Waters

    Andrew Wicks

    Maria Wojdat

    Solomia Zoumaras

    If you can't find these using google, go to this site:

    And click on Exhibitor Gallery.

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