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How good is your diabetes nutrition education?

I am a registered dietitian looking at starting my own diabetes education consulting business. Please help me out by taking this quick, 8 question, survey.

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    My diabetes nutrition education comes from the finest educational facility known to exist. The School of Hard Knocks. Countless hours of research from the widest variety of sources and several years of trial and error. Success was realized in December of 2007 when I stopped taking all medication once and for all.

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    Diabetes might be helped easily by taking on a handful of change in lifestyle. Learn here

    The diet plan really should be made up of plenty of fiber and also wholesome foods. Eat four to 6 meals/snacks spread equally throughout a day. Commence doing exercises routinely. Supplements could help too. Flax oil, daily multivitamin, bitter melon, garlic, onion, and stevia might help.

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    I have had some terrible advice from nutritionist/dietitians. The worst was eat 270-300 grams carbohydrates per day, if my numbers were to high my doctor just needs to increase my medications. She was insistent that eating less would affect my health but would not answer my question on how it would affect my health.

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