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'Muph n Plutonic歌詞ar!超急

求''Muph n Plutonic- Beautiful Ugly''



係''Muph and Plutonic- Beautiful Ugly''先啱!

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    Artist: Muph & Plutonic f/ Jess Harlen

    Album: ...And Then Tomorrow Came

    Song: Beautiful Ugly

    [Verse 1: Muph]

    Alright now

    Me, I'm eager to

    Continue to keep it true cause

    It's not me, it's you

    Yeah, I can repeat that too cause

    It's not me, it's you

    So quick I'm bleeding blue

    Off tits and teething too

    We can release these screws

    That means they're more than loose

    Wanna give me a talking to?

    Not tonight, you got a boring view

    Not me who kicked in the door

    Woke up, who pissed on the floor?

    Damn, that shit is raw

    Never been a liar like this before

    [Chorus: Jess Harlen] + {Muph}

    We get high (high)

    We get low (low)

    The desire (alright)

    {So beautiful, so ugly}

    We get high (high)

    We get low (low)

    It's alright (right)

    {So beautiful, so ugly}

    [Bridge: Jess Harlen and Muph] {Repeat X2}

    J:High, low {*X3*}

    M:So beautiful, so ugly

    [Verse 2: Muph]

    She's got a sad face (okay)

    Her problems are man-made (cocaine)

    And Bollinger Champagne (that's the way)

    Great idea, get smashed in a bad state

    How's it taste to devour the sour grapes?

    The powder face needs Powerade

    The power play came an hour late

    And how he behaves at twenty-eight

    Is out of date, I'm out of shape

    And out of place, let's celebrate

    The thousand takes, the town, we'll

    paint - red was-ted

    With a day spent in a made bed

    Make noise for complainin neighbours

    Keep smilin like Kasey Chambers

    Make friends with dangerous strangers

    Dutch courage, currently courageous

    So aimless, I ain't got the faintest

    I'm faded, and brainless

    My dress sense is so tasteless

    I'm wasted, my facelift

    It majors - in agein

    Not playin - escapin

    The threats that test my patience


    [Verse 3: Muph]

    No inhibitions in here

    Guess I'm a little like Britney Spears

    Endeared to fifth gear

    Then increase to quick steer

    I shit me to tears

    I'ma gumboot through the river of fear

    Actin like I'm pimp of the year

    But probably shrink when they get too near

    Go ahead, let's clip this beard

    Of shame, pass the blame when it's clear


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