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`急急急急! 15題超簡單的英文和中文問題!

1. Fred sometimes _____ to school by bus.

A. goes B. go C. is going D. gone

2. Light _____ faster than sound.

A. is traveling B. travel C. traveling D. travels

3. _____ you finished your homework, Tony ?

A. Did B. Do C. Was D. Have

4. _____ you see the notice this morning ?

A. Do B. Did C. Have D. Had

5. Use this cooker _____ instructed.

A. like B. as C. as if D. as though

6. My grandfather usually _____ a nap after lunch.

A. takes B. have C. sleeps D. goes

7. What does this box _____ ?

A. contain B. consist C. control D. compose

8. How much did the dentist _____ you ?

A. cost B. spend C. charge D. cheque


1. 「隨」字的部首是

A. 邑 B. 月 C. 阜 D. 迶

2. 下點雨罷了,小學生( )要上學,( )我們中學生呢?

A. 尚且、何況 B. 因為、所以 因為、所以 C. 如果、就 D. 不管、都

3. 營火會上( )的火焰把每個人的臉都照得紅通通。

A. 紅紅 B. 洪洪 C. 熊熊 D. 振振

4. 李先生為人( )和氣,人人喜歡和他交朋友。

A. 虛偽 B. 虛假 C. 空虛 D. 謙虛

5. 我向老師說明了這件事,他方( )於懷。

A. 釋然 B. 惘然 C. 愕然 D. 了然

6. 選出與“獨創一格,與眾不同”有相近意思的成語。

A. 網開一面 B. 別出心裁 C. 自掏腰包 D. 出爾反爾

7. 選出與“收穫豐富”有相近意思的成語。

A. 抱殘守缺 B. 臥虎藏龍 C. 釜底抽薪 D. 滿載而歸

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    1)A. goes

    2)A. is traveling

    3)D. Have

    4)B. Did

    5)B. as

    6)A. takes

    7)A. contain

    8)C. charge


    1)C. 阜

    2)A. 尚且、何況

    3)C. 熊熊

    4)D. 謙虛

    5)A. 釋然

    6)B. 別出心裁

    7)D. 滿載而歸

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    1.C. 阜 2.A. 尚且、何況 3.C. 熊熊 4.D. 謙虛 5.A. 釋然

    6.B. 別出心裁 7.

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