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120 color eyeshadow palette by manly?

i want to buy it on ebay, so i tried paypal and they cheated us out of our money.

so do u know where i can get it on ebay, another site or a store with out paypal? and i was told to go to this other site but the palette was $60!!!


no i said i wanted the 120 color eyeshadow palette by manly

and its regularly $25

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    I recently ordered a palette off of ebay...

    I actually was searching and searching cause' I don't feel comfortable making a purchase from HONG KONG lol especially after reading the sellers feedback of some people never receiving their merchandise nor a refund...

    anyhow.. on the left side of the screen after you type in 120 palette. There is an option to click US ONLY... when you refresh the list it'll show you only sellers that sell from within the US (hopefully..) none the less it may return some hong kongs, but it's better than a useless amount of pages of the same seller...

    If I can recall, the seller that I purchased it from is <b>FastShipCo</b> and I got it within a matter of days, and was only $29.95 with free shipping... I also see a lot of feedback that people received theirs and there were chunks taken out of some of the pots... Mine showed up in MINT condition!! They ship out of Universal City.

    I know that they are out of stock of the 120 until I believe it's the 15th, but they are great at returning emails when you contact them... so ask em when their next shipment is ;)

    hope this helped you

    if not ;) get back to me...

    $60 is waaaaay too much to pay... you're more than likely purchasing it from hong kong at that point cause' the shipment alone is I believe 49.95 and then the actual palette ranges out to less than that amount! The eyeshadow is GREAT , but not worth the haggle of possibly not getting it and spending that much money on it

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    Bh cosmetics a hundred and twenty eyeshadow palette first version is larger because of the fact it comes with greater colours and only FYI coastal scents & bh cosmetics are from an identical retail shop and are an identical factor only they alter the packaging and have distinctive products yet they are nevertheless from an identical shop so the traditional is a hundred% an identical. yet yeah the two one in all them are amazing, shiny, proceed to exist a mutually as with a primer my fav is udpp, final long, are pigmented and basic to combination. of course the palettes are not the terrific of the terrific provided that they are affordably made in my opinion i could rather spend additional funds on nicer products yet they are tremendously sturdy.

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    Every good eyeshadow palette I've seen has been over or around $50. And they usually only have about 50 colors. I think it's pretty normal

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    i just ordered my 120 manly palette from it was $27. i should be receiving it by friday because shipping is 2-3 days and i can't wait!!!

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    sephora has one out right now for like 22 bucks :)

    well its only 36 eyeshadows and like 3 blushes

    - 36 eyeshadows

    - 12 lip glosses

    - 3 blushes

    - bronzer

    - 3 applicators

    but it looks pretty loook

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