can a Ouija board open a portal even if not used?

this is a question im wondering about i have a Ouija board and ive noticed that when im around my house i seem different and think different and when im out and with friends im more myself

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    1) I am of the opinion Ouija boards are not something to be taken lightly, or used by novices. while in the hands of wholely unskilled/ungifted people there might be so little collective spiritual awareness involved that it would be of no serious threat, but one person in a group who has high "potency" spiritually could make it dangerous.

    2) that said, I think "open a portal" is a rather radical and fantastical way of putting things. the "world" that such things are related to, is not some wholely detached "other" place. its a part of this world. juts one that is generally out of contact for most people.

    think of it like a radio. a radio doesn't "open a connection" it simply inteperets broadcast signals that are there anyway. the radio signals are there without a radio on, they just have no relevance or perceivable presence to our organic senses.

    now, they can cause a problem for some people despite this point.

    imagine you have a device that could inteperet morse code signals. the person could hear the sounds, or see the flashes, whatever without the device, but normally could not understand them.

    now, one person uses this device, and this person being a genius for patterns, once the device shows them what these signals mean, they can understand it as well as spoken words.

    now imagine that this person does so, but doesn't learn how, or know how, to stop seeing the signals if they wanted to? because they used the device, they could understand "signals" that were already all around them. the device didn't "open a channel" or anything, it just gave the person an ability to understand something they could not, in a way that was problematic to them for a technically entirely seperate reason.


    I do not think this is the case with what you describe.

    homes, and other places have energy and feelings and such, some metaphysical, some mundane. perhaps if you are in one place you feel like someone is watching you,... or something. and that is enough to make you behave differently. it could be something entirely non-metaphysical.

    or not.

    but I don't think that its reasonable to put the Ouija board at the top of the list.

    but if it comes to mind as such a thing, perhaps it would be a good thing to get rid of it anyway.

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    All I can say is beware when opening "portals". One was opened at my former house. I'm not sure if my wife opened it with a Ouija board or if I did it myself. I had a "shaman" wake me up the other day with a phone call. He told me that a "doorway" had been opened and that spirits were using it. Also that it was still open. I'm always wondering if it is a good or bad thing. Some strange Sh*t has been going on ever since. So be careful when "playing" with the Spiritual realms.

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    Before I came back to Jesus Christ when I was 19, I had many incounters with Ouija boards and other things. Interestingly enough I think God had mercy on me and never let it be of any use to myself alone, but when I was with others there was always activity even if we didnt have our hands on it, and my sister had a breakdown using it hearing alot of voices along with my cousin that they were going to kill eachother ect ect,

    Point is I am tryng to give you a response from both sides of the coin with these pieces of demonic trash. They are real and like so many ignorant respondents have claimed it isn't the board its the purpose and intentions of the board.

    Please understand I took your question more as phrased should I keep it even if i dont plan to use it? This along with your comment seems to give you enough evidence that something spiritual is happening dont disregard this.

    Secondly there is only true deliverance from things like this through Jesus Christ email me if your interested in talking about it or have questions. But burning it is the right thing to do you don't want or need others having issues with the board. I hope you understand the importance of deception and how non-threatening these boards are made out to be. Have it burned and destroyed. Then understand this John 14:6 Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. If you really knew me. and lastly something to consider instead of the advice of the person stating to have a friend (unknown to you which one) remove it from your home, have a friend who you can trust in that wont mock you or give you a hard time help you to burn it. Hope you come to see the light (:P) will keep you in prayer.

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    Yes and it will take over your soul if you just look at it.

    Personally, I don't put any stock in Ouija boards, but then again one can't be too careful. If you are this worried about it then simply get rid of it and let it open a portal in the trash heap.

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    Try a scientific experiment. Thake the Ouija board out of our house, and see if that makes any difference. Better yet, have one of your friends take the board (you must not know which one) and put it in their home. Can you tell which home has it? If so, it would be okay to say the board is affecting you.

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    If you believe that a Ouija board can open portals, then the answer to your question is "yes."

    Honestly, it is a board game made by Parker Brothers.

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    I'm pretty sure that Ouija boards are meaningless superstition. Even if you were to "use" it, I highly doubt a portal would open.

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    It would be a real good idea if you got this game out of your house. It attracts demons, because I know, I use to have one, wisdom comes in council so for your safety and health you don't want Satans powers in or around you. Please get rid of it tonight and don't ever play with this again. God be with you in your choices. Love in Christ..missleslie

    Source(s): King James Bible.
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    Yes, it can open a portal to that empty space between your ears.

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