Who is most likely to break out of their early season slump?

David Ortiz/Red Sox

Jimmy Rollins/Phillies

Josh Beckett/Red Sox

Dan Uggla/Marlins

Derek Lee/Cubs

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    J-Roll will get it going at some point. The Phillies face a lot of weak pitching in weeks to come.

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    I'd say Uggla. His BABIP (batting average on balls in play) this year is an abysmal .219, Career, it's .302. His LD% is right in line with his career numbers, so he's making as good of contact as he ever has.

    Once the BABIP stabilizes (BABIP is typically driven by luck -- for example a bunch of bloop singles would lead to a high BABIP, but bloop singles aren't a sustainable skill, and once the numbers regress, the player will come back to earth), then his average should shoot back up to the ~.275 range. With the average, the OBP and SLG will go up too. It seems to me that Uggla has been a little unlucky through the first 30 or so games, he probably hasn't seen any pop ups drop for hits, and has had a lot of line drives hit right at players. The numbers will be there at the end of the season though.

    Though you could make that same case for a couple of these guys, Rollins included (although Rollins hasn't been making very good contact this season). The only guy there who I think may be done is Big Papi. Injuries really seem to have gotten to him, and his bat speed looks slower in years past. He, along with Mo Vaughn are good examples of why size doesn't age well. His weight hasn't done him any good. He's swung at more pitches out of the zone than ever before (by a decent amount) and he's made less contact with pitches out of the zone than ever before. That's never a good combination.

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    Josh beckett

    Jimmy rollins

  • 1 decade ago

    Rollins and Beckett

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    Jimmy Rollins of those 5. But I'm really hoping for Mark Teixeira to break out of his...

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    I'd say Beckett. the Red Sox offense is too good and Beckett's stuff is too good for him to continue slumping for long

  • 1 decade ago

    Josh. He's been improving a little bit. He pitched great last night. I really hope David can break out of his.

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