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Will solar stocks lower next week?


I wanted to ask if STP can lower before i buy some shares of it. I missed my first opportunity in march, and now it costs $16.45 per share. I am also interested in:





and LDK.

please let me know when is the BEST/cheapest estimated time i should buy these stocks.

Any other suggestions on stocks are very welcome.

Thanks in advance,


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    The markets have been doing amazing things lately by rising nine consecutive weeks. We haven't seen that since the rebound in 2003.

    I think the markets are once again near resistance and may correct this coming week, but the markets are doing some amazing things now.

    If the correction comes you can get STP at a better price. I also think STP is facing resistence around 21 so it may not go higher than that anyway.

    A couple energy stocks I like but ONLY for the next 3-5 days are:

    GPOR and QELP

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    I am a day trader and wish I could predict the market as you wish. One, and I say only one, item I look at is the 52 week figure. In this case it is $49.60. This means it is selling for about 67% lower then the 52 week.

    The market is on the upturn so you might buy it online Monday morning. You can always keep it for longer term. I did not check the other companies but this you can do easy.

    The above is just my opinion since the market is legal gambling.

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