Okay I took the APUSH Test and I think I did pretty good. But I have a few worries particularly on the DBQ?

Multiple Choice I 76 questions out of a possible 80, and out of those 76, I am sure 66 of them are correct

Frqs I did 3 and 5

First FRQ I nailed with proclamation line

Stamp ACT, Townshed ACT, Sugar and Quebec Act, Pontica's rebellion and others


I wrote about African Americans and Japanese

Japanese: Interrment, and Korematsu v United States

Blacks: segregated forces, north migration, still discriminated, obtained jobs in the factory

DBQ: This is the problem: Was basically a question with 4 parts

My thesis was SLavery increased b/c of the cotton gin, south tranformation to cotton economy, i stated exactly what one doc showed with the picture of the south

Slaves Freedom: I talked about gradual emacipation, Slaves attaining freedom in Revolutionary War, North stopping the slave trade, and most importantly slaves escaping slavery

For enslaved response: I said slaves used rebellions to respond to their pressures, some of those enslaved used religion, and some advocated using voilence, and dicrectly used one doc about the person who said God told him to start rebellion, also I said some slaves complained about being enslaved

For those who were Free: discussed Virgina colonization society, underground railroad, those who used religion (picture of the Methodist Church)

I have some Timeline errors essay was from 1775-1830 and I discussed Bacon's rebellion in 2 sentences (1676), I had one sentence about how Fredrick Douglass esaped slavery (1840s), one sentence about Dred Scott Case (1857), and Nat turners rebellion (1831)

Overall my info is correct and in time frame, but as I was wrtiing some of the sentences that I inserted were out of timeline. The only error that I went into detail with was Bacons rebellion.

So what do you think my socre will be on the DBQ especially

and the FRQs

Will I still be able to get a 4 or 5

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    1 decade ago
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    There's no use in worrying because what is done is done.

    Wait for your letter with your grade, and chill.

  • 4 years ago

    They will DEFINITELY devise a whole new test. Sorry. I just took the original today though. Not bad, as long as you review a bit. You'll be fine. But trust me, there is absolutely no way in hell they will give you the same test. You should have seen how strict they were. We were allowed a 10 minute break or so before the DBQ and they kept saying, anyone who talks about ANY part of the test 48 hours after the test will get a zero. So yeah, no. These people are pretty badass when it comes to their "academic integrity."

  • 1 decade ago

    If you are confident that you scored 66 of the multiple choice correctly, and that you did excellently on one of the FRQs and at least attempted the other essays, I'd say you received at least a 4 for sure.

    Source(s): I studied the scoring rubric
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