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Have you ever written a letter to Obama?

I just did, I doubt anybody will read it, maybe an intern.

Obama does read a few emails a day. It at least let me vent.


I wrote

that it is a better idea to cut hours instead of people, maybe a 32 hour work week

that he should look at tax penalties for companies that layoff people and force other employees onto overtime,

that he should look at tax incentives for companies that call back laid off employees

that he should look at tax incentives for companies that hire older workers over 50, age discrimination does exist.

Update 2:

At least my email to the whitehouse is, maybe a one in a million, is better than what I read here and what most are doing

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    You bet I have. Several as a matter of fact. The same goes for my Representative and Senators.

    I've even given him a new tax plan that really increases taxes on the rich instead of me.

    Who really pays those taxes anyway?

    The two sure things in life. Death and taxes, right? But who really pays them. If you look at all the taxes you personally pay it's bad enough. In your state you have state taxes, country taxes, city taxes, property taxes, school taxes and the list goes on and on. And then there's federal income taxes on top of that.

    But what about companies? They have to pay a lot of the same taxes you do and many more. Well they are central collection point for a lot of taxes. But they don't pay them. You do! Individuals pay every penny of every tax that goes into the coffers. You may think companies pay taxes but they really don't.

    To prove my point let's take something as simple as a shovel handle. And for the sake of discussion it's made by Ames who's here in the states. The handle is probably wood.

    That wood came from some logger who cut down the tree the handle eventually came from. He made a profit so he's got income. He pays income taxes so when he sells that log to the mill he figures those taxes into his price.

    The mill takes the log and cuts it into boards that are sold to the Ames company. The mill made a profit so they have income that they will pay taxes on and that tax is figured into the price of the boards.

    Ames takes the boards and machines them so they fit into the shovel. Puts the handle onto the shovel and sells that shovel to a distributor. Ames made a profit so they paid some tax.

    You know the drill by now. The distributor sold the shovel to a hardware store and made a profit--same drill.

    The hardware store sold that shovel to you and made profit- paid taxes.

    So who really paid the taxes for the logger, the sawmill, Ames, the distributor, and the hardware store? You did when you bought that dang shovel! And if that weren't enough you paid sales tax on top of that. Now I have no idea just how much of the cost of that shovel came from taxes previously paid by someone. But it's bound to add up. And you just paid tax on taxes.

    And at every stop there was probably some accountant that had to figure out what the taxes were and he got paid for doing that and that was figured into the cost along the way. So not only did you pay taxes for everyone else, you also paid the accountant to figure how much taxes you would be paying and paid tax on that to boot. There has to be a better way.

    Why do companies (big companies) have those off shore accounts? To get out of paying taxes. Taxes cut into the bottom line. What would happen if companies didn't pay taxes?

    What if only the person who made the money paid taxes? If an individual makes the money in the US they pay taxes in the US. The government can figure out how much money they need to do the work they need to do. And mathematicians can figure out the tax rates. They can even calculate a bottom cutoff point so if you make below this level in income you pay no income taxes. Above this level your tax rate starts going up the more you make. How high and how fast it goes up mathematicians can figure all that out. Deductions are kept to number of individuals in the household and you could even allow extra for a few 'special' conditions as long as you didn't let it get out of hand.

    What are the drawbacks? As I see it there would be a lot of accountants who would have to find a new line of work. Companies wouldn't be moving money off shore. That would hurt the Cayman economy. Other than that. Not much.

    I don't want companies going overseas or individuals trying to hide from taxes by running their finances through the Caymans. I want companies to make money. I want them to make lots and lots of money.

    Contrary to the belief of many companies don't want billions of dollars sitting in some bank somewhere. Stagnant money is like stagnant water. It's not a good thing.

    You want companies to create jobs? Well they won't create a job if they aren't making a profit. How many jobs has Chrysler created recently. Taxes in every form cut into their profit. The more money a company has flowing the more they can expand, retool, refurbish and other things. the more they do that the more people they need. The more jobs they create.

    For GAWD'S sake quit thinking taxing businesses is the answer to everything. Believe it or not the US has one of the highest combined tax rates in the world. That's why so many are leaving the US. They can't compete with countries that have both lower tax rates and lower labor rates.

    You wipe out corporate taxes and the companies will be coming here. And they won't be bringing the workers with them. They will use US labor! Can you say many new jobs?

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    Wow, it sounds like you should be one of his interns. Your intentions may be good but you've fallen for the Big Lie that the federal government should be the Nanny and give out treats to the good little businesses and give a time out to the ones who step out of the lines laid out by an all powerful nanny state.

    " If industry and labor are left to take their own course, they will generally be directed to those objects which are the most productive, and this in a more certain and direct manner than the wisdom of the most enlightened legislature could point out.”

    James Madison

    Btw, I'd rather eat pond scum than write a letter to BOmarx Jr.

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    The letter I sent came back stamped "No one here gives a shirt what you think, commoner!"

    The unions will not permit you to cut hours. Oh they will let you only work the people for 32, but you better pay them for forty. so why does he keep tossing the unions bones? answer: to bankrupt more corporations so the govt can take over.

    Perflexed, I am Confused! When did you start carrying Obama's water?

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    Dude, he "didn't see" the tea party protestors, do you think he'll read your letter?

    Maybe if you could find a way to put it on a teleprompter, but even then he just repeats the words he sees without even thinking about what the words are "I'd like to thank President Obama"

    Could anyone GET any more clueless?...Oh yeah, they could be completely unaware of what their preacher is saying for 20 years, or where their presidential plane is...You just wasted your time

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    yes, I wrote a letter opposing the hate crime bill and I even put in there that if the homosexual lifestyle is taught at my daughter's school, I'll have her stay home that day and there's nothing he can do about it due to my religious beliefs. Really... I don't foresee a bunch of feds at my door for that. but it was fun to write that.. ha ha

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    I seriously hope you are under 6 years old. The most important human in the world reading miscellaneous letters from a nobody. DOUBT IT.

    any letters he does read about one in a million have been pre screened.

  • No of course not.

    I have e-mailed and called many Representatives on all levels.

    More since America died then in my whole in life.

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    No, a puppet reading a letter is like Stalin caring about what the people have to say.

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    What's the point of writing to him. He has people working for him to read the letters and emails.

    And what would you say "Thank You for putting my children in debt".

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    He's too busy reading the teleprompter to care.

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