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what famous songs are in AABA form?

can anybody tell me a list famous songs that are in AABA form, or give me a link to a website that can?

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    do you mean abba........i like knowing me knowing you

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    Blues usually follows the 12-bar form. So musically speaking it's all A. AABA is a Jazz form. The B section usually modulates to a different key. I don't think actual Blues does that. There is a Robert Johnson song called "Red Hots" that has an AABA form. But it's really an old time Jazz progression, sung by RJ who is a blues composer. That particular song is not exactly Blues. In Rock, the A is the verse and the B is the chorus. It used to have different chords for the B just like in Jazz. To just have a repeating lyric line and then a counter lyric line doesn't make it AABA. The B has to be musically different. I disagree with your teacher. What he is looking for is not really AABA. Blues doesn't work that way. The last 4 bars of a 12-bar blues is the turnaround. It's really what he's talking about. It will contain the counter lyric line to balance the tune. But it goes back to the beginning, there is no last A. At best you could call it AAB. Pretty silly. I can see what he's doing, he wants you to be aware of the parts of music. But it's an invalid question. It ignores the musical reality of the idiom. Or it is a misuse of the concept of A and B sections. No musician would call the response line a B. You might have a chorus. But in blues it's the same chords as the A, so it's not really a B section.

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    Aaba Songs

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    not many at all really...most are AABB or ABBA or a variation of..

    most song writers follow Iambic pentameter

    to a greater degree rather than rhyme scheme

    and more so a mix of both

    dude i looked for quite a while cause this stuff intrigues me....but i'm done...

    The Doors "Backdoor man" comes close with this

    yeah, I'm a back door man

    I'm a back door man

    The men don't know

    But the little girl understand

    i am not about to go through the entire lexicon of songs from the 1930's and up...sorry

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    This Site Might Help You.


    what famous songs are in AABA form?

    can anybody tell me a list famous songs that are in AABA form, or give me a link to a website that can?

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    Something" - The Beatles

    "Blue Moon" - Chris Issak, Willie Nelson, and many artists

    "Save the Last Dance for Me" - The Drifters

    "Just the Way You Are" - Billy Joel

    "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?" - The Shirelles

    "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" - Judy Garland

    "I've Got Rhythm" - George Gershwin

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    these people don t really know.. there are hundreds and hundreds, probably thousands of very popular songs in the AABA form, it is one of the most prominent song forms out there.

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    Somewhere over the rainbow.

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