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random sword fighting question?

I'm writing a story and I was curious as to what are some problems a woman would have fighting with a sword. I know that a two handed sword would be to heavy for the character to fight with so what would be a better sword for her to use? Also what are some of the basic moves to sword fighting?

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    Actually, your average two-handed sword wouldn't be much bigger than a single-handed sword. The addition of an extra hand to grip with would actually be of an advantage to a weaker person.

    Most functional swords weighed between 2-5lbs. In Medieval Europe, single-handed swords were called "arming" or "war" swords; swords of similar design with a bit of extra length were called "hand and a half swords" or "bastard swords"; true two-handed swords, which were around five feet or more in length, were called "great swords". But your average Conan/Highlander two-handed sword was actually a hand-and-a-half/bastard variety. The were roughly 3.5lbs in weight, and could also be wielded with one hand if need be. The additional hilt (grip) length gave the user more control, which as I said above would be suitable for a person of smaller stature, like a woman. An Eastern blade, like a katana, would have similar benefits.

    Your basic offensive moves would be the cut (or slash) and the thrust. Cuts tend to have a slightly shorter range and are designed to damage limbs, mostly, although a good cut to the neck or head could be a kill-shot. Thrusts are used to attack the vital organs by puncturing them. In European swordplay there was also a technique called "half-swording", where one hand would grip the blade in order to use the sword in close, or to strike with the pommel (the metal piece, usually circular in design, right below the grip). I asked a Western sword forum about half-swording, and they stated that it was possible because most Western swordsmen wore gloves.

    Defensively, the parry is one of the few maneuvers where the blade is used. The opponent's blade is to be avoided, generally speaking; this includes defensively. In the movies, when you see them using their blade to block another sword, that's completely unrealistic. The edges of sword blades are thin, and can chip easily. A chipped blade can break, something you don't want in combat. What a parry does, instead of meeting force with force, is to re-direct the opponent's blade. This is most often done against thrusts; you use your sword to bat the opponent's blade aside. Most defensive maneuvers, if you didn't have a shield, would be to duck, dodge, or side-step the opponent's blade.

    Source(s): "Medieval Swordsmanship" by Jonh Clements
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    You need some research:

    Weight of a two-handed sword: 5 - 8 pounds.

    A woman could wield most any sword effectively with the proper training -- proper training would result in the appropriate muscle group development for the use of the weapon. The two-handed sword was considered a specialized skill.

    Typically, you'll notice in fantasy writing that the use of a sword reflects the personality of the character -- the longer and wider the sword, the stronger or more imposing the character appears. The thinner the sword, the more graceful the character. Meanwhile, a short sword and small shield might reflect a more reluctant fighter (not by any means an accurate representation of real combat, but a tendency shown in a number of fictional accounts).

    For moves, look up "Fechtbuchs" on google to see if you can find any of Lichtenauer's teachings on German Fencing. You can use the descriptions as a basis for describing the moves your character performs. will also be a huge help to you.

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    A woman would be capable of using a two handed sword- even the larger ones wouldn't be over 5 pounds. Of course, she would be better suited towards a smaller one handed sword, on the whole, since strength and exhuastion do play a role eventually.

    It really depends on the period you are righting from. Saber was traditionally a cavalry weapon for some time. Epee is a thrusting weapon, and might be ideal, on the whole, especially if it is a three-musketeers ish time period. Some kind of backsword would be most likely, though- george silver was a strong propnent of their use.

    Common moves are: Thrust, cut, stopcut (in which you cut intot he space your opponent is moving into), parry.

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    Jians are chinese double edged swords (crouching tiger hidden dragon). A woman using a sword is just as affective as a man. With different styles there are different techniques but Wudang style is legendary. They are known for their unmatched sword fighting skills.

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    She'd use an epee or sabre, which offers a lighter fencing style, but still allows one to cut with the blade, rather than being limited to piercing (as a foil). If it's a romance novel, she ought to bend sinister at some point, otherwise keep it on the dexter. Repostes are always suggested.

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