Was Iran involved at all with the Persian Gulf (US-Iraq) War? How?

I know a lot of information about both Iraq and the US's involvement in the Gulf War. Was Iran involved in any way? How?

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    Yes, they did many things to Harass the collation forces by laying mines and making high speed runs at our ships in the Straits of Hormuz setting up missile launch sites, making threats etc the list goes on. But thier involvement started a few years prior to the war.

    Remember the downing of the Iran civilian airliner by a US Cruiser. That was a setup, they launched that plane right into restricted airspace, caused it to make threatening moves so we would have no choice to shoot it down. At the same time they sent samll boats to fire on thr cruiser. This was all done to make the US look bad and divert our attention from other issues and missions.

    Source(s): Retired Navy (veteran of both gulf wars)
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    They were not involved in the Persian gulf war ! They fought with US + Iraq in 1988 and the Persian gulf war was in 1990 so both US and Iraq were strong enemies of Iran at that time. Although according to the movie "Three Kings" Iran helped US by admitting Iraqi refugees to Iran.

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    Which war? Iran sat out both Operation Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom. They have no doubt had some hand in the insurgency since the end of OIF but that is on a support level. Iranian armed forces were never involved nor has there been any "official" Iranian involvement.

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    Yes. They funded insurgent groups, sent their own insurgent groups, and they provided a great many of the weapons and IEDs to the insurgents.

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