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Who is Brian Wilson?

Who is he? What did he do that was so good that his name has appeared in a few songs by music artists? Why do these artists admire him? I cant find the answers on google.......

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    Brian Wilson is probably one of the best musical composers of our time. He was part of the Beach Boys group from Calafornia. Most Beach Boys song are extreemly complex yet sound so simple. They (brian wrote most of their music) used a great deal of harmonics in their music and complex back beats.

    Like I'm trying to convey....Good Good Good, Good Vibrations! A very highly respected artist.

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    Brian WIlson is the singer/songwriter responsible for the Beach Boys.

    Look up Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys, it is one of the most critically acclaimed/ influential albums of all time.

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    I think he was one of the Beachboys, a very popular boy group from the 60's that were the love of the surfer crowd.

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