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Christians, what process formed the elements in your body? carbon, calcium, etc.

I was just wondering if you knew?


guyster - Yep, nuclear fusion inside stars... Well done, are you a Christian?

Update 2:

Nope, I guess not...

Update 3:

@PROBLEM - I didn't make fun of him, he was right. I was just disappointed that their weren't any Christians that could answer... thanks for the link.

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    There are plenty of Christians that know that answer. Do you know where the helium and hydrogen came from to make the sun? Do you know where all the energy came from before the Big Bang or don't you believe in the theory of conservation of energy?

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    i'm a Christian and do completely, disagree with you on various counts. at the beginning; this is YOU who's dogmatically pointing out that God is "punishing" the city of Pompeii ! (Why could God purely single out Pompeii - have been something of the Roman cities in the time of the land extra "righteous" than Pompeii ?) extra; bearing on Evolution, how do you comprehend for a reality that God did no longer hire the Evolutionary technique (this is with us to this very day) to proceed the existence technique He began ? The Bible does state that God made out of an already created, customary and present day orb the earth as we NOW comprehend it. The earth already had existed earlier than God keeping apart the waters from the land - examine it in Geneses.

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    Nuclear fusion processes in stars, heavier elements by supernovae.

    Source(s): Not a Christian, a physics student, just wanted to put the right answer out there.
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    Pfft, I didnt know christians got out of science classes at school, I thought it was only the boring classes they got to skip..

    You do know that there are plenty of scientists who do stuff with all kinds of funky elements, fossils etc that are religious?

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    And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

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    The answer to your question if you would care to truly know is found in Genesis 1: 1 through 31

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    Would a helmet like this work against the NWO's witchcraft / mind control?

    Or will they still be able to torture me with witchcraft and try to force me to worship the Devil or one of there many "Gods" / demons? Should I get some holy water and bless my helmet first? How do those evil witches due such things? They have all the wealth they need know they want to enslave society through torture? I thought G.W.B. was out of office? I guess that just goes to show the devil does have a lot of power! Will this helmet stop the witchcraft dreams or how about tinnitus?

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    Its only creationists you argue against. If the Genesis is allegorical then there isn't a problem

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    The same process that formed all matter, but you'll have to ask God the Creator of all things that question..

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    The explosion of gaseous stars, billions of years ago. Thus the expression "you are made of stardust".

    But christians will just say "goddiddit".

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