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Is 'Booing' A Face, The Dumbest Thing a Wrestling Fan Can Do? *More Inside*?

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Ok, a Face is a superstar that is suppoused to play the 'good' guy, right? And a heel is the 'bad' guy and should be hated, right? Ok then, why do we constantly see a heel get cheered, while a face is 'booed'?

I understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but seing a face getting booed out of the building is just Wrong.

For Example: Triple H, when he lost his title at Backlash, the fans Chanted a song 'Na na na na, Good- bye." Seriously, whats wrong here? Or John Cena as another example, the guy is suppoused to be the Face of the WWE and here he comes and gets Heat from the crowd? While Edge or Orton, who are the villians, receive a tremendous amount of claps from the spectators and it makes it look Ironical.

The Heels work so hard to make us Hate them and here they come getting cheers from the audience?

The Faces work hard to make us appreciate them, and here we are Hating on them and bashing on them? Seriously, there is something wrong here....

In my Opinion, "Booing" a face is one of the dumbest thing a wrestling fan can do...They work hard for us to love them, and here we are voting for the Villian that we are suppoused to hate......

So what do you think? Is it right to cheer a villian while the face gets the heat? Tell me what you think.

Thank You.

- Triple RKO.

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    Chris Jericho is by far the best heel in the business; there seems to be no end to this man's talents. I absolutely love watching him work. But he's the heel, the bad guy, and I always root for his opponent to win.

    Dave Batista is very one-dimensional, he's a brawler (I don't much care for brawlers), and he's boring as hell on the mic. But he's the face, "fighting the good fight", and I root for him to win against the heels.

    Before Vince Jr took over, killed pro wrestling, and replaced it with "sports entertainment", heels were never cheered for cheating to win a match or a championship. It has puzzled me why this has changed and I believe I've figured out what caused it.

    To save a few bucks (on taxes), Vince McMahon Jr admitted that "wrestling is fake". He told the world that yes, we are conning the fans, it's all an act.

    Because that erased all doubt that pro wrestling matches are legitimate contests, the fans no longer have any emotional investment into the wrestlers (they're just role-playing, acting) as they did before Vince Jr's admission of deceit. A wrestler's skill (or lack of) is completely irrelevant, as is, really, whether that wrestler is cheered or booed. Some people "in the back" write out everything we see; the wrestlers are just acting out what is written for them.

    Because of the nonsensical storylines and the over-the-top cartoon characters acting out those storylines, along with Vince Jr's admission that it is indeed all an act, nobody takes it serious anymore. The fans watch it as if it's all a live-action cartoon show.

    The way I see it, the fans look at heels the same way they look at the cartoon heel Wile E. Coyote. They laugh and cheer at all the goofy and ridiculous things he does to try to catch the Roadrunner. And they see faces as the cartoon face The Roadrunner, an arrogant little goody two-shoes running around as if he's better than everybody. HE never does anything "interesting"; the Coyote does all the "cool" things.

    The fans stopped caring about the basic premise of pro wrestling (good vs evil), at least in the WWE, when Vince Jr told us it's all an act. He creates cartoon characters and gives them ridiculous things to do. Of course the fans are going to react as if the whole thing is a live-action cartoon, cheering the zany antics of Vince's cartoon villains. Vince's faces are "boring", they never do anything "interesting".

    In all other promotions, however, heels are booed and faces are cheered. Fans of other promotions can and do appreciate the talents of faces and heels, but they still follow along with the basic premise of pro wrestling (good vs evil) and the vast majority of them cheer the faces and boo the heels.

    The WWE is NOT pro wrestling (it even calls itself "sports entertainment") and "WWE fans" do not react like fans of other promotions. It has nothing to do with "cheering who they want to cheer" and has everything to do with the (lack of) believability of the product.

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  • Randy
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    A lot of Booing is the dumbest thing a Face wrestler can get...

    If a face gets so much boo's it is better they turn him heel... or make him wrestle against some less popular heels..

    Fans are sick and tired of that wrestler, whether it is for being in the Main-Event Picture so long or the boring in-ring ability or the backstage politics/ego...

    As far as heels getting cheered, it is reasonable.. after all they are very popular and fans can look through the character the wrestlers play... and would cheer them no matter heel or face...

    If they are cheered so much, either WWE should convert them into faces, or make them to do/say more bad things to get the heel heat...

    Chris Jericho playing the heel role as a loser, and using the cheap heel tactics he gets the most heat...

    Edge is the Ultimate Opportunist.. He cheats... He is a cowardly heel... But atleast he is the champion... So he gets lesser heat than Jericho...

    Orton, the determined WWE champion, the leader of Legacy, is not even shown as a bad person... He is just doing some bad things to give back what they deserve to those who messed with him in the past...

    And also Orton being 'cool', 'young', and simply put 'better' than all others, he gets the least heat... but still he is the top heel, as the marks hate him more, I believe..

    Whatever, even if Orton, being a heel, hits the RKO on HulkHogan, The Rock and Stone Cold, he would still be cheered... He is that much over with the WWE Universe...

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    Pretty much, it doesn't make you smarter cheering the heel which seems to be the general feeling i get from certain Edge and Orton fans. You can be a fan of someone and boo them out of the building, wrestling isn't a popularity contest! If it was just who you like more why even have faces and heels? Now i'd understand it if it made a difference like it did with The Rock in the 90's, they changed the rock because of the reaction he was getting but John Cena haters have changed... erm... well... erm... his t-shirt design? If you want your favourite heel to look good, boo him until your lungs are sore! "He's cool so i'll cheer him, doesn't matter if he's the bad guy he is cool" This thinking isn't right but at the same time it can send a clear message to the management about certain wrestlers. Triple H and the reaction he got was a pretty clear message that the fans are sick of him, so it has a place but it shouldn't be every week. Cheering a heel when he is doing something out of the heel play book 101 is wrong, gut reaction to him winning a title is fine shows the company they did the right thing. In general its not the best move to make them look bad by giving them the reaction they don't want but its also a way to send Vince a message so at certain times it's actually better for the WWE. Its a fine line in my opinion.

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  • vv
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    It's the heel's job to get booed. The more boos they get, the better they're doing their job. Besides, that's just plain counterproductive. If you boo the faces and cheer the heels, then the heel will become faces and the faces will become heels., let alone the fact that you're forcing the writers to do worse and worse stuff to make the heels get heat, like the Edge & Vickie thing.

    But each wrestling fan have the freedom to cheer for whoever they want and boo for whoever they want. Some older fans (like myself) can appreciate the true technical wrestling abilities of some of these wrestlers. That's why I cheer for heels like Edge...he's a decent wrestler. And that's also why I don't like Batista...he's not that technically talented.

    Your Welcome

    - The Rock.

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    When a huge amount of people boo a face, it means that people are sick of seeing them. For instance, Cena has been super man for the past 4 years. He is so "noble" and always comes out on top. It gets old... and RANDY Orton has gotten screwed over by HHH because HHH pulls so many strings in this buissness. Notice how HHH always has a match with Orton, HHH wins or loses unfairly. That's cause hhh has an ego. So orton's time was here (even though he still beat HHH while he was "distracted")

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    I think that most of todays fans know the difference between kayfabe and real life. Besides the kiddos that cheer for the faces and boo all the heels!

    Most real wrestling fans know that (someone like) Edge is an extremely talented wrestler; besides his gimmick... and fans that cheer for him know it! The same for Chris Jericho, Randy Orton etc....

    So the dumb thing isn't to boo a face and cheer a heel; the dumb thing is to let a wrestling promoter dictate and/or convince you on who to boo and who to cheer for!

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  • Anonymous
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    i dont have problem with it in this day and age most people who watch wrestling now know the difference between kayfabe and nonkayfabe so people dont take storylines as serious as they used to when now people know they are playing a role and not thinking thats really who they are. Now i dont think its right to sing na na na na hey hey goodbye thats just low class imo but wrestling isnt what it used to be now people know the ins and outs of the business when back in the 80s people didnt so now people are thinking diffrently than before.

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  • Anonymous
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    You are right most the wrestlers I like are face and heels I do I have always liked

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  • Anonymous
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    Good point. It made me realize a lot of stuff and I do that too. Everyone had their own opinion and I guess they get tired of the faces trying to be the superheroes of the show and it gets annoying.

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  • depends on the superstar like undertaker is always cheered and vickie guerrero is always boooooooooed.but chris jericho who is heel gets cheered

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