Is my dream possible to achieve?

When im older i want to own my own stables and a few horses, as well as have a Part/Full time job. I have never owned my own horse because of Economical Circumstances and have been riding for a year, and plan to ride up until i have a Job. And then begin saving. Is this dream possible to achieve?

Also in the UK What is the Average for looking after one horse Monthly? Please Include Everything in the Answer( You don't have to add it all up, i can do that.) Thank you.

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    I think this would be possible to achieve. I don't believe you would be able to handle a full-time job and your own stable of horses, but if you only have a few horses, then you could also manage a part-time job. You would need to carefully schedule everything to do with your farm, because there are a whole lot of chores that go into owning horses. You would need to spend a lot of your free time looking after them and exercising them. You would probably also have to offer some kind of service from your farm, like lessons or training, because you wouldn't make enough money just from a part-time job to run a whole farm. And, if you wanted to go to shows, you would need to take days off from work, as well as pay to enter the shows.

    I hope this helps! And good luck!! :)

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    Oh sure, this is something you can completely try to achieve. If you're looking to own your own barn and board other horses, there can be a lot more work into it than just being able to work when you're off work. In this case, if you have a big enough establishment, you can retire from work and just run that, but I wouldn't reccommend it -- it can be rather difficult.

    However, we have 6 horses at my place; four of which are ridden regularily. Not only this, but I attend dressage shows and am planning on going to some quarter horse shows with the reiner I have been riding with. I go to school from 7-3 and then have the chance to come home and play with my horses. My mother works until five and my father will often work longer. My father is not very into our horses, so typically it is just my mother and I. We also have 4 calves, 7 goats, many ducks and chickens, we milk the dairy goats, breed them, manage them, etc.

    Personally, you should have pleanty of time to work with your horses. We've redone fences, I'm putting in a new stall, I'm planning on putting up my dressge arena (which will need rails put in and then letters placed in).

    Anyway, you can do it :) it's very realistic, just keep dreaming.

    Source(s): 11 year owner/rider 9since age 7); dressage, jumping, reining
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    Yes certainly we are here to fulfill something in life. That counts the dreams we have.. The people closest to us will be much more hurt if we are failures. Some may even be oblige to help us and that could cause much cares or worries.. A tendency of being a baggage to loved ones. It will be normally understood by closest ones while on the path to success. Unless there will be no presence of neglect, abuse and hypocricy or misunderstandings on both sides.. It may really need proper care and enough communications to build more faith and reassurance to eachother.

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    Yes, it is possible. Never stop dreaming. The day you stop dreaming should be the day you breathe your last. My dreams are most likely out of reality, but I'll strive for them the rest of my life, because I have the ability to strive.

    Keep dreaming, life is dull without dreams (almost).

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  • 1 decade ago

    Its a very possible as long as you keep up with that dream there wont be any stopping you! aim for acerage! when your older thatll cost alot but hey its your choice! good luck =)

    Source(s): now horse owner of one year, kept my dreams alivee
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