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If I become a US citizen by naturalization, do I have to give up my other 4 citizenship's?

I have Irish, British, Canadian and Australian citizenship, I want US citizenship, but if I get it, will I have to give up the others?

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  • Fred S
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    Each country has its own citizenship laws based on its own policy. A person naturalized as a U.S. citizen may not lose the citizenship of the country of birth. U.S. law does not mention dual nationality or require a person to choose one citizenship or another.

    In general, basic requirements for naturalization are that the applicant hold a legal status as a full-time resident for a minimum period of time and that the applicant promise to obey and uphold that country's laws, to which an oath or pledge of allegiance is sometimes added.

    Some countries also require that a naturalized national must renounce any other nationalities that he currently holds, forbidding dual citizenship, but whether this renunciation actually causes loss of the person's original nationalities will again depend on the laws of the countries involved.

  • Belle
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    No you do NOT have to give up your other citizenships. As long as the other countries will recognize multiple/dual citizenship it is allowed. I know America, Britain and Canada allow dual citizenship. I am not sure about Australia.

    We know several people who hold multiple citizenship, one of them being American citizenship.

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    Were both parents citizens prior to your 18th birthday? If not, did your father have sole custody? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, you may qualify for derivative citizenship. You would have to file an N-600. If the answer to either of these questions is no, you have to file an N-400 on your own.

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    How comes you have so many citizenships? The best bet would be to contact whatever department it is that deals with people getting US citizenship.

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  • Don S
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    You have to. What if any or all of the five countries go to war with one another where will your loyalty lie. Besides why do you want a US citizenship anyways? What's wrong with just staying in one of the four countries you mentioned?

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    Not anymore. That changed a while back and the US is now recognizing dual (quadruple?) citizenships.

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    Are you really sure you want US citizenship when you have those ones

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    you may hold as many citizenships as you want.

  • HJW
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    no,you do not have to give any of them, if indeed you receive US citizenship.

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